Gig Scene: Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society, 170 Russell, Melbourne, 1st December 2015

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Arriving at The Forum on a mild Tuesday Melbourne evening it was clear to see that the largly male crowd was already excited by the thought of the nights sold out gig. There was plenty of denim and leather to be seen and a few Zak look alikes.

The opening band “Heaven the Axe” hit the stage hard and were clearly happy to be there. They were well rehearsed and dedicated, something many other acts could learn from.
The lead singer, Phoebe Pinnock, had great stage presence and fronted the band well although she mentioned Zak’s name a few times too many. With the right producer they could really shine.
After a break to reset the stage the Black Label Sociery intro tape came on, it was a mix of “Whole Lotta Love” (Led Zepplin) & “War Pigs” (Black Sabbath) which worked surprisingly well. This worked up the truely enthesuastic crown into a frenzy.
Black Label Society, fronted by Zak Wylde, (best known as guitarist & composer with Ossie Osbourne)
had the crowd won over from the very first note of their set. The band rocked hard and never let up on the energy the whole time they were on stage.
This is no shoe gazer band, they totally perform to their audience taking them on the evenings musicial journey with them.
See the full gallery by Mandy Hall.
Suprisingly, for this style of show, the crowd knew most of the words to the songs and weren’t shy to sing along. Not the type of gig you want to turn up to wearing a Pet Shop Boys t-shirt.
There were a few “Spinal Tap” moments, the guitar solo spot was very remminisant of Nigel Tufnels solo in the movie, minus the violin bit. Also, when Zak played the piano intro to one of the songs it was a “Lick my Love Pump, Guns & Roses, Axel Rose” moment.
If your’re into good heavy rock music then you must catch Black Label Society live, well worth seeing.

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