About William Arnott
William has a passion for all things heavy metal, though thrash and power metal have a special place in his heart. He is currently studying Journalism at University.

Star Scene: Anna Murphy

August 25, 2016 William Arnott

Anna Murphy’s scene is at the studio where she works as a sound engineer. The former vocalist and hurdy-gurdy player states: “I just spend days here and sleep here. I like having a room where I […]

Star Scene: Chrigel Glanzmann (Eluveitie)

May 19, 2016 William Arnott

Chrigel Glanzmann’s scene is hidden away in the mountains and forests, enjoying the solitude that comes with it. The lead vocalist of the Celtic folk metal band Eluveitie (Pronounced el-VAY-ti) says it’s a wonderful feeling, to “you realise […]

Star Scene: Jasen Moreno

April 21, 2016 William Arnott

Jasen Moreno’s scene is on stage. “When the night’s just going well and the band’s firing off. I wouldn’t say I’m an extremely outgoing person, only on stage. I’m very passionate about singing, I think […]

Star Scene: Simone Simons

March 18, 2016 William Arnott

Simone Simons’ scene is at home singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” to her son. “Whenever I start to sing some opera stuff or Epica songs, he tells me ‘no no!’, because he relates that to me […]

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