Gig Scene: The Maccabees, 170 Russell, 6th January 2016.

As a venue, 170 Russell, provides good vistas from various elevated vantage points, which enhances viewing pleasure. At the early hour of 9.30 pm The Maccabees kick off the night with title track off  their stellar 2015 release “Marks to Prove It.” The crowd laps it up from the get-go.

The Maccabees second ever visit to Australia has one again drawn passionate fans who know the words to every song and who aren’t afraid to dance. The frenetic energy on stage and in the crowd is palpable. Orlando Weeks’ distinctive melancholy voice punctuates each song he sings.  He is sans guitar this evening due to a severe thumb injury, but guitar tech for Foals, Reuben Gotto (formerly Felix White’s guitar tech) and Tom Clues (the band’s bass tech) take turns to fill in.  Hugo White has the rock posturing down pat, and is the outgoing counterpoint to reserved Weeks.

The band draw from a solid back catalogue of songs, including “Wall of Arms,” “Love You Better”, Can You Give It?” and frenetic guitar driven “X-Ray.” A highlight is the glorious and moving “Something Like Happiness” but technical issues with sound don’t do the song justice. The encore features WW1 off their latest release and popular past hits “Toothpaste Kisses” and “Pelican” which draws the loudest cheers and singing from the crowd, along with a bra being flung on stage, placed lovingly on Clues’ head.

The Maccabees are one of the must see live bands, who put on a thoroughly entertaining show at 170 Russell, despite the technical hitches.

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