Editorial Scene: Airlines & instruments – yet another sad story

The airlines have once again proven themselves incapable of treating musical instruments with any form of respect.

Michael Dolche, guitarist with Deltra Goodrem, flew home on Qantas yesterday, only to find that his vintage Takamine acoustic guitar had been mangled beyond repair. It appears that the case had been run over.

Photo by Michael Dolche
Photo by Michael Dolche

Michael posted to Facebook:
After 13 years with this awesome Takamine guitar countless performances , recordings etc..after landing in Sydney I found it in pieces at oversize baggage ..

The guitar was in a hiscox case it had obviously been run over by a truck ..
The neck is snapped in half and the headstock doesn’t exist ..

Photo by Michael Dolche
Photo by Michael Dolche

A report was made to Qantas regarding the damage.

Over the years we’ve seen so much of this attitude. Just in the last month a high profile Australian band told me that they had watched out the window of the plane as their keyboard fell off a high pile of bags straight onto the tarmac, and their guitars were literally thrown into the plane. They have had to replace a couple of heavy duty metal road cases – cases that have lasted on the road for years, but been demolished by airlines in a matter of months.

When are airlines going to start respecting musicians and their instruments? We’ll be keeping a close eye out to see what, if anything, Qantas is going to do to help Michael.

Here’s a video of Michael playing the guitar in happier times:

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