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Star Scene

Star Scene: Jack Howard’s Epic Brass

Jack Howard has had a busy year. Not only has he been touring the world with Midnight Oil playing trumpet and keyboards, he’s also been playing his own shows when in Melbourne with his band the Long Lost Brothers. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also been seen playing the occasional gig with The Violent Femmes, The Break and countless others. When it comes to brass, Jack Howard, who made his mark playing trumpet in the iconic Hunters and Collectors as an original and continuing member, is pretty much Australian rock’s go to man. […]

Q&A Scene

Q&A Scene: Alyce Platt

Tell us about your upcoming show? Performing at The Flying Saucer Club with my band The Fish Collective featuring Clare Moore, Peter Farnan, Jack Howard and Stephen Hadley. What’s your favourite work at this point […]