Review Scene: The Misfits – Max Watt’s House of Music, 11th December 2015

As darkness descended the fiends rose up from the depths of mouldering crypts and slithered into the temporary bastion of horror punk. Dripping down the stairs of Max Watt’s they collected in a pool of worshippers at the foot of the stage where many other fiends and fans had found their way.

Click to see the gallery by Mary Boukouvalas.
Click to see the gallery by Mary Boukouvalas.

In a real life horror epic, those that had trusted the published gig times found that they had been duped. Their Idols The Misfits had deemed it appropriate to take the stage early and so many punters missed their favourite songs. Photographers missed their allocated time in the pit. Writers saw only an abbreviated version of the gig. It left fans and fiends wondering how ‘punk’ an early appearance is and what attitude Jerry Only and company had developed towards the faithful.

We can imagine though, that Only would tell the critics to ‘go fuck themselves’. That’s very punk right? The sound too is still very horror punk, and after almost 40 years, The Misfits are hitting the right notes on this retro tour. The mosh was well warmed up and showed their allegiance to the band by slamming and head banging, crowd surfing and pushing forward in a frenzy of appreciation that only punks can muster.

Click to see the gallery by Mary Boukouvalas.
Click to see the gallery by Mary Boukouvalas.

Hearing the iconic albums Earth A.D. and Static Age played live is a Misfits fiend’s wet dream, as they’re widely considered to be representative of the band’s peak times in terms of song writing. Only justified his choice of material by declaring that his son Jerry Caiafa Jnr. needed to walk in the band’s footsteps in order to understand where it was headed.

And so, energy infused versions of classics such as ‘Die, Die My Darling’ and ‘Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?’ called up the darkness and got the creatures thrashing. Classics like ‘Descending Angel’ from Famous Monsters whipped up a soup of ether that was far from angelic, and the fans and fiends got their ration of terror.

With the black procession done, the skull clad beasties slunk back into the cracks and abysses of the night to await the next instalment of The Misfits ever increasing discography which, we are assured, will be birthed into this hellish sphere some time next year.

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