Review Scene: Wednesday 13 – The Corner Hotel, April 14th 2016

Q: What would you do if your name was Joseph Poole and you wanted to be a horror-punk/rock performer?

A: You’d channel Wednesday Addams and change your name to Wednesday 13!

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Some things in life can be this simple, and yet it’s often the simplest things that hold behind them, a complex, deep and inspired wizardry.

Wednesday 13 is no stranger to our shores, and we surely welcome him with open arms and a willingness to lap up his ‘blood offerings’. This 2016 Monsters of the Universe tour is set to pay homage to his latest release Monsters of the Universe: Come out and Plague. Three east coast shows see the master of horror heaviness tear viciously through a good clawful of songs from his 2015 offering, as well as a smattering of songs from earlier albums.

Punters appreciated seeing Wednesday 13 and his pack up close and personal at The Corner Hotel. Dressed to the nines (or is that thirteens?) in ghoulish stage make up and gothic gear, the ‘duke of spook’ as he loves to be called, was every bit as theatrical as he was musical. The consummate professional he made eye contact with as many fans as he could, and worked the cameras like a pro.

While his song titles may sound like they belong in an old ‘B’ grade horror flick, they really are very cleverly crafted and darky poetic. They’re also backed by some of the finest instrumentation you’ll hear in any song of any genre. Perhaps the fan-base for this type of music isn’t broad, but it certainly is loyal and passionate. Despite only being out for a few months, punters knew all the words to the newest stuff, and it was almost as much fun watching the crowd get into the performance as it was to watch the stage.

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Every song was a highlight, but there was slightly more love for the older stuff, simply because those songs probably now accompany some history. Wednesday 13 performed 17 songs, including four encore numbers, and showed lots of gruesome love for all of the ‘motherfuckers’ who’d come to pay their respects. ‘The Ghost of Vincent Price’ was reminiscent of Rob Zombie, but had a more vibrant air, while ‘I Love Watching You Die’ and ‘Keep Watching the Skies’ gave us a real taste of the feast the new album offers.

Soon the title track ‘Monsters of the Universe’ filled the room and the performance was done. The corpse was picked clean and sucked dry, and the fans wandered out into the night to hunt down some more juicy pickings. With a new album due out early next year though, it won’t be long before the ‘duke’ is back and ready to entertain us and twang our nerve endings once again.

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