Recipe Scene: Layered Strawberry White Chocolate Mousse Dessert

This is my adaption of a Thermomix recipe for White chocolate Mousse Cups.
I’m not a massive fan of individually portioned desserts, I like people to have as
much or as little as they want, with plenty of opportunity for seconds. And
thirds. The original recipe calls for a home made sponge between the layers, but
I prefer to make it with tiramisu biscuits – it’s quicker, and also they taste great
with the other flavours. Because the recipe calls for 160 grams coconut milk and
I hate having leftover tins sitting in the fridge for a week til I throw them out, I
use the Ayam brand sachets of dehydrated coconut milk, one sachet with 150
grams of water makes the perfect amount. You can make this dessert with any
seasonal summer fruit. I’ve made this version with strawberries, but have also
included a photo of a mango one. The dessert improves with time – keep
leftovers in the fridge and have a few cheeky spoonfuls whenever you open the


Strawberry puree –
400 grams strawberries
2 tsp sugar

Mousse –
160 grams coconut milk
1 ½ tsp gelatien powder
250 grams white cooking chocolate buttons, melted and slightly cooled.
80 grams cream cheese, room temperature
450 grams cream, whipped to soft peaks

Extra strawberries for decoration



1. Place the strawberries and sugar in a saucepan and simmer for about 10
minutes or until the strawberries are broken down and you have a
smooth sauce. Using a stick blender or a food processor whizz until very
smooth. Set aside to cool.
2. For the mousse, place the coconut milk in a large bowl. Mix the gelatine
with 2 tablespoons of boiling water and whisk until dissolved. Add this to
the coconut milk and mix well.
3. Add the melted chocolate and cream cheese and mix well. Gently fold the
whipped cream through until just combined.
4. In a trifle bowl place a layer of biscuits on the bottom. Top with half the
puree followed by half the mousse. Repeat the layers. Place in the fridge
for several hours til well set. Decorate with extra strawberries.


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