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Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?
I started writing the songs from my EP about three years, so it’s been a long time coming! Basically I’ve always wanted to develop my solo project into a band and tour the world, which is actually happening now. The EP includes heartbreak, death, depression, anxiety, as well as hope, honesty, optimism, and love. I’ve literally put all I have into it.
What’s your favourite work at this point in time?
[pullquote]Always carry a spare tube of super glue. [/pullquote]That’s a very tough question! I think some of my songs are stronger than others when it comes to lyrics, but then some are funkier, or more fun to play, so there’s a fine balance. Currently my favourite song of mine would probably have to be ‘Too Many’, as I still find it very relevant to how I think and feel. The line “There’s so many things to see but not enough energy” is definitely something I resonate with as I probably realistically don’t have enough time to do and see all of the things!
Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.
Always carry a spare tube of super glue. Just the other night one of my guitar picking fake nails went flying off mid song. Usually I would be mored prepared and able to glue it back on right then and there, but I didn’t have any glue! So I asked the audience if they had glue? One song later a guy named ‘Koady’ came up to the stage and handed me a tube of super glue! He’d run to the local service station down the road and bought it for me. Absolute legend.
What, or who, inspires you?
My mother. She’s one of a kind and also the main reason why I play music. She was very good a nudging my siblings and I into learning different musical instruments while growing up as she’s always believed in the positive influence of music. I can be a bit stubborn at times so the nudging definitely helped me along!
Which song do you wish you wrote?
You’re very good at asking the tough questions! That’s ridiculously hard to answer.
Off the top of my head I’d say ‘Losing You’ by John Butler. I think that’s got to be one of the sweetest love songs ever written. I’m a bit of a sucker for love songs. There’s also ‘For The Longest Time’ by Billy Joel. Don’t get me started.
How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
I’ve always thought that if I would be a food that it would be a Pepperoni Pizza, so maybe that could be my music too. Hot to touch, slightly greasy, sometimes cheesy, a bit of a spicy kick, and totally fulfilling haha.
What’s next for you?
Woodford Folk Festival is what I’m looking forward to most! As well as touring the country with one of my favourite artists Wallis Bird. I’ll be doing another single tour come April 2017, followed by a European and Canadian tour later in the year. Then I’ll be following up my EP with my debut Album. It’s all very exciting.
What’s your scene?
Hanging out with my best mates, telling stories, having a jam, eating dorrito’s, playing pool, and playing Mafia (it’s a card game, I highly recommend it, though be warned that the competition level can exceed expectations. You think you know your friends until you play Mafia)

About Tullara

“Tullara has a way with words and a way with that guitar. Her debut EP bears all the fruit of musician eager to explore, put in the elbow grease and do some soul searching in the process. She’s a gifted artist just at the beginning of what looks like to be a promising adventure ahead.” ARIA award winning artist, John Butler

‘Better Hold On’
is a searing continuation of what Tullara first put in motion with debut single, ‘Too Many’. Both a plea for forgiveness, and a stark warning, ‘Better Hold On’ is a deep and urgent track, and although Tullara‘s celebrated guitar and earthy vocals are again at the forefront, it also showcases her band at their dark and complex best.Tullara sings about the mazes of life – the ones we build ourselves, and the ones that trap us unaware. “I didn’t want to let you down, I didn’t want to steal your fire,” she sings, her voice full of remorse, and we can’t help but follow her deeper into the labyrinth.

‘Better Hold On’ is Tullara’s lead single from her debut EP recorded at Sunshine Recorder Studios, Port Melbourne, with premier female producer and international touring artist Aurora Jane.

“’Better Hold On’ for me is a song about making choices and dealing with the consequences. It’s the ultimatums we face everyday that form who we are,”says Tullara on the creation of the track

‘Better Hold On’ Tour:

Thursday, 1st December 2016
Sydney, LeadbellyThursday, 8th December 2016
Brisbane, The Milk Factory

Friday, 9th December 2016
Yamba, Leche Cafe

Satuday, 10th December 2016
Sawtell, 63 First Ave

Sunday, 11th December 2016
Newcastle, Stag & Hunter

December 26th – January 1st
Woodford Folk Festival, QLD

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