Q&A Scene: Kylie Chirunga

Tell us about your EP/EP Launch

The EP is called ‘Songs About Boys’ and it’s exactly that.  I have been writing it for two years and its kind of a mixture of things that happened, things I wish had happened and things that will probably never happen.

What’s your favourite song at this point in time?

My favourite song is ‘Circus Acts’ because its probably one of the only songs that hasn’t needed a lot of imagination and just came from a really raw place.

Tell us a quick studio anecdote

When I first started recording this EP I worked with a few producers but the very first one was quite a character.  I travelled about five hours a day to go record with him.  He was a bit unorthodox.  One time he got a bit inspired and tried to make a violin out of a mandolin, a drumstick, duct tape and a piece of his t-shirt that he’d ripped off.  He then attempted to play it and record it as part of the song!

Who or what inspires you?

I feel like I draw inspiration from my surroundings. My favourite place to write is on trains because you see so much in one trip. I like to people-watch, I’m a bit of a creep like that but it’s usually enough to fuel my imagination and turn it into a song.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

I wish I had written ‘Green and Gold’ by Lianne La Havas because it’s almost so relatable that I feel like I wrote it. Lianne is also an incredible lyricist.

How would you describe your music in food form?  Why?

My music is like pizza. There’s a slice for everyone!

What’s next for you?

A tour and hopefully some work overseas.

What’s your scene?

Pool side pizza party.

About Kylie Chirunga

Kylie Chirunga is a 19-year-old pop singer songwriter who frequents the Melbourne music scene. Known for combining her fresh pop hits with soulful, earthy tones, Kylie brings a contemporary take on pop music and is sure to entertain. Despite having a new sound, her lyrics are warm and familiar. Not to lack in substance or heart, she eloquently weaves colourful imagery and thought- provoking words together into a catchy pop-style hit. Her passion for music and writing has seen her play multiple gigs throughout the country including the iconic Corner Hotel. Kylie’s work has been featured on international charity albums. She has also written for other artists having her work featured on their releases and on Triple J Unearthed radio . Kylie is a well-known up-and-comer and and has been dubbed by industry heavyweights as “one to watch.” Kylie is releasing her debut EP, Songs About Boys, in November of this year.

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