Q&A Scene: Michael Day

Tell us about your new single Psych or the Priest?

Psych or the Priest was written at a time I was struggling with a bit of anxiety and depression. Further, I wasn’t sure if I had made the right decisions in a few situations and I was fairly overwhelmed. Through this period, and listening to a bunch of Gregory Alan Isakov, I started creating Psych or the Priest. I love the way Gregory would create atmospheres and his playing was very emotive and often fairly slow. I started there, the piece would be slow, it would be descending in its chord progression, and it had to have some interesting instrumentation.
I really wanted to play harmonica on a song. I had listened to a lot of Jordy Maxwell and Michael Dunstan and so I added some Harp in there :) 

Listen to Psych or the Priest here

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?

 I think this is the first song I have hit the sound I was looking for. So currently, I think this is my favourite work. 

How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 

Either it’s a warm cup of coffee on a saturday morning in the bush, or it’s a pink donut from donut king because…comfort food.     

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

My favourite moment in the studio was when I was trying to work out some electric guitar parts with Ben Humphreys and I had his guitar on trying different melodies. I then went to show him a reference track on my phone, but my phone was very close to the pick ups on the guitar and it went through his pedal board and created this cool synthy thing. That’s when we got the idea to sing random gibberish over a D chord, and play a D chord on the guitar. We recorded it on my phone and then played my phone over the guitar pickup into the pedal board to create the synth layer that holds up the piece. 

What, or who, inspires you?

It wouldn’t be authentic to not mention Gregory Alan Isakov. His music is so beautiful. He creates these beautiful landscapes that flow over you and give you feelings. I’m really inspired by those sounds and they really inspired Psych or the Priest. 

Which song do you wish you wrote?

 I wish I had written Chateau by Angus and Julia Stone. 

What’s next for you?

We’re hoping to get a bunch more songs recorded and released, that’s what is lacking at the moment, so I hope to see more music released. 

What’s your scene?

I love the outdoors, camping, hiking, river walks, especially with my Wife, that brings me a lot of joy. I also enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee. I love making music, and playing music with friends. I am a churchie so Sunday morning there and lunch with friends afterwards is a very standard sunday. I am known amongst friends for playing nintendo, being into pokemon, loving a good card game or board game and the odd round of Super Smash Bros. 
I do love playing sports but currently haven’t played as much as I would have liked. Love a good game of Baddy. 
Getting coffee or bubble tea is a sure way to get me out of the house. Ideally for a cute date run with Ti, my Wifey.