Q&A Scene: Lloyd Spiegel

Tell us about your new album
[pullquote]I try to pay respect to the origins of the blues but I’m also attempting to evolve it and push the boundaries.[/pullquote] I’ve just finished 4 months on the road in Australia and NZ celebrating my 25th year on stage. As part of it I recorded a double live album at the Wonderland Spiegeltent. Basically a live anthology of my favourite music from the last two and a half decades. It’s been great to look back. Most of the time I rip the rear view mirror off and look towards the next thing. To stop and take a moment to enjoy what I’ve done and share it with the audiences on the tour was a fantastic experience.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
HA! That’s a first.

I try to pay respect to the origins of the blues but I’m also attempting to evolve it and push the boundaries. I’m also a frantic kind of person so I come across perhaps over the top when I play. It’s a burger with the lot that needs to be eaten in two parts.

Which song resonates most strongly and why?
For me or for the audience? A song you wrote 6 years ago means something different now. Maybe more, maybe nothing. For an audience they’ll hear what they need in it depending on their mood. I think ‘king with no crown’ is a constant favourite for both myself and the audience though. Perhaps because it’s written for my son and those feelings don’t change so my delivery doesn’t change and whatever part of it the listener takes on board remains the same.

Any on the road anecdotes?
After this long I wouldn’t know where to begin. 4 curtains on fire, 2 emergency landings, an unknown number of missing pants and 1 drunken Johnny Young encounter. It all blends in.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Art can’t imitate life of you don’t have a life. The best parts of my career have never been musical. It’s been the situations you find yourself in just coz you picked up a guitar as a kid and it somehow touches people in a way that they want to give something back. One day you’re playing in picton NZ and the next morning you’re invited out into the most beautiful waters on earth to sail. Another day you get an email from a fan whose father is in hospital and ages asking for a signed cd. All of a sudden I’m in the guys hospital room playing to him. Those connections inspire me. The thought that the one thing I’m any good at can give something to people and give me experiences most people never get.

What’s next for you?
I’m performing solo full time for the first time in 6 years. It feels pretty good to get back to a guitar and songs. The hoopla over the past fee years has been so much fun but I need a break from it. I’m writing a cd that isn’t about the guitar. It’s about songs. That’s exciting and petrifying at the same time. Hiding behind the guitar is what I do best. Lol

What’s your scene?
I am forever split between desperately wanting to be a cool kid and living in the suburbs shaking my fist at the neighbours kids on my lawn. Ideally my scene would be hanging out in a bar watching a blues band but the bar is my living room and I don’t have to put on pants. That’s the dream.

About Lloyd Spiegel

With 8 albums, a swag of accolades to his name and 25 years performing, writing and recording, Lloyd Spiegel has certainly squeezed more into 35 years than many do in a lifetime. It’s that unique experience combined with a relentless touring schedule and stage presence well beyond his years that has seen him become a driving force in Australian blues and one of most respected guitarists in the country, recently being named in Australian Guitar Magazine’s list of the 50 top Australian guitarists of all time.
Since age 13, Spiegel has toured the globe with frequent visits to Europe, New Zealand and the United States where he has performed at major festivals and iconic Juke Joints as well as supporting the likes of Ray Charles, Bob Dylan and Etta James on tour. He has sat with the founding fathers of modern blues from Brownie McGhee to Luther Allison and more recently, found great success in Japan, performing sold out concerts at Tokyo Disneyland.

Since 2004, Lloyd has been the world-wide demonstrator and premier endorsee for Cole Clark Guitars. Now a world famous Australian brand, Cole Clark design and build their instruments with Lloyd’s hard hitting style in mind and as a result he has been invited to perform at countless major guitar events and has been honoured with 2 signature model guitars, currently available in stores world-wide.

Growing up in the music business, naturally Lloyd is passionate about promoting the blues scene and mentoring the next generation. He has taken countless young artists under his wing who have since become multi-award winning performers in their own right and he has been an advocate for blues in Australia, chosen as the ambassador to the Australian Blues Music festival from 2005-2008 as well as ambassador to ‘youth in blues’.
Spiegel’s unique history, command of his instrument and powerful stage persona puts him at the cutting edge of Australian Blues, re-inventing the style for the masses and opening new doors for Australian blues artists while maintaining a close relationship with the foundations and traditions of the blues.

Most recently, Lloyd has released “Double Live Set”, a live anthology recorded over two sell out concerts at the world famous Spiegeltent that act as a celebration of a ¼ of a century on stage.


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