Q&A Scene: A HITCH TO THE STICKS Special: Monique Brumby

Monique Brumby is on the line-up for the inaugural A HITCH TO THE STICKS bus trip. She answers a few questions for us before the festival hits the road:


What does this festival mean to you?
I have always admired Dallas’ musical ability and so was thrilled to be invited to play alongside her at this Inaugural event. I think it’s a unique experience for music lovers to be able to travel on a bus and see live performances in different locations.
At what point of the bus trip are you performing?
I am performing with my band at ‘Down by the River’ in Wangaratta at Apex Park on March 17.
What can we expect from your performance?
I am playing with two extraordinarily talented women Maryanne Window and Tanya Cavanaugh. They bring a lot of energy and skill on bass and drums to my songs that are high-energy and melodic guitar driven pop rock songs. I like to connect with an audience so there are always a few stories about my journey through life & my Observations.
What excites you about appearing at this event?
Playing for new audiences in regional towns in Victoria. The people are always really down-to-earth.

A bit about you:

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?

I’m currently writing i’m recording my sixth album. The themes of the songs are varied. For example the current song I’m working on is about artificial intelligence taking over or changing human existence. At the same time I have a song I’m writing about the adversity people who are trans have to overcome. The album is two out later this year. I’m recording it at Thylacine House in Tasmania.
What’s your favourite work at this point in time? 
I have been listening a lot to Full moon fever by Tom Petty. It’s one of my favourite albums. For inspiration too I have been listening to a lot of my favourite old records including Patti Smith’s horses and Shawn Colvin’s A few small repairs
Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.
When I toured with Don Maclean the only conversation I had with him was it that Kenny Rogers plastic surgery. Weird
What, or who, inspires you?
My Mum and Dad inspire me. I spent so much of my youth and early part of my life living away from home. having recently moved back to Tasmania after 23 years I can honestly say that those two people are just the kindest and best parents a girl could ever want. I’m very lucky to have them in my life.
What’s next for you?
I will continue to write and I am getting involved heavily in the Tasmanian music scene. There’s a lot of great creative ventures happening down there. I will be living in Hobart so I plan to immerse myself in the local culture and be inspired by it to continue to grow as an artist and to also help the community of musicians with my experience in the music biz.
What’s your scene?
My scene is ocean, my two dogs, my family, people on the fringes, farmers, cityfolk, mountains and wilderness. I consider myself to be a bit of a lone wolf.

About Monique Brumby:

Tasmanian born Monique Brumby has released five albums and three EPs of original material in a career that spans over two decades. She has won two ARIA Awards for ‘Best New Artist’ in 1996 and ‘Best Female Artist’ in 1997. In 1998 Monique was nominated for ARIA ‘Song Of The Year’ for her epic ballad ‘The Change In Me’ from her debut album ‘Thylacine’. In 1998 Monique was also nominated for ‘Young Tasmanian of the Year’ Award for the Arts.

An accomplished live performer, Monique has toured extensively and as a recording artist Monique’s songs have featured in the film and television. She has a Diploma of Music and a Cert IV in Sound Production. Following her tertiary studies, she began producing music for other artists and bands in Melbourne.

Monique is currently a mentor to musicians and song writers, working as live performer, song writer, music producer and sound engineer. Monique has recently returned to Tasmania for an extended period to record her sixth studio album at the Thylacine House in Hobart. The album is set for release in late 2018.

Upcoming Shows
  • 10/03/18 Monique Brumby Band in Hepburn Springs at ChillOut Festival (CREAM) @ Old Hepburn HotelBUY TICKETS
  • 17/03/18 Monique Brumby Band in Wangaratta, Victoria at Down By The River – Hitch To The Sticks Festival

 [pullquote]”If you find yourself at the same party as Dallas, make sure you’re match fit.” Sarah McLeod, The Superjesus [/pullquote] Ever wanted to hitch a ride onboard your favourite band’s tour bus? Fantasised about starring in the next Almost Famous film? Well, listen up, because Dallas Frasca is about to give you precisely that chance with what is guaranteed to be one of the musical highlights of the year.
The powerhouse Aussie frontwoman and rock and roll icon is throwing a world-first music festival set to take punters on the road this March. Taking place over three days, A Hitch To The Sticks Music Festival is a unique band-tour-meets-VIP-experience that gives audiences a glimpse at a touring musician’s lifestyle in a three day regional bus tour of hand-curated music events, gigs and festivals. With Frasca as your guide, passengers will navigate some of North-East Victoria’s hidden musical gems and undiscovered live music venues and events all from the comfort of your own rowdy, airconditioned tour bus.
For 50 lucky ticket holders, the adventure begins in Melbourne’s CBD on Friday 16 March where the Hitch To The Sticks bus will commence boarding. From there the tour heads North to six secret locations and four public events across Violet Town, Lima, Myrrhee, Tatong, Thoona, Wangaratta and Moyhu until the musical safari touches back down in concrete town on Sunday 18 March.
Transporting passengers direct to the cream of the crop of Regional Victorian music and culture, Dallas has packed a massive lineup of local gigs, events, festivals and experiences into the three day tour, to shine an unforgettable light on the immense musical talent hidden in the quiet corners of our land. Some of the exclusive experiences along the way will include a hedge maze “artist hunt” where punters must follow the music to discover live local artists playing throughout the maze; a rock & roll slumber party in cabin style accommodation (limited VIP upgrades available); celebrity hitchhikers and an intimate live performance by a very special international guest.

“There is something special, indescribable, about experiencing live music in regional Victoria. A travelling music festival on wheels? Sign me up! Music Victoria loves regional live music.” Nick Cooper, Operations / Program Manager Music Victoria.
For those who can’t make it onboard the tour, there are plenty of opportunities to join the disembarking passengers and meet the legendary bus at four public events throughout the tour. This includes the sixth annual Wangaratta Down By The River Festival – a free event offering a kaleidoscope of flavour, music, activity and culture curated by Frasca herself, as well as a bunch of local ticketed events across the weekend.

With the full lineup dropping soon, Dallas and the Hitch To The Sticks team are excited to reveal the first couple of performers eager and ready to board the festival bus – conductor of the Melbourne Ska Orchestra and all-round reggae luminary Nicky Bomba and Beechworth-born singer songwriter Liv Cartledge.

At just 21 years old Liv’s oaky tones and disarming lyrics have captivated audiences around Australia and beyond, with her debut EP Timber an incredible first glimpse of a destined rising talent. Relentless traveller and performer Nicky Bomba is an absolute staple of the local reggae/funk/jazz scene and has contributed to just about as many musical endeavours as he has footprints on the earth. Liv’s regional Victorian roots and local knowledge together with Nicky’s worldly prowess and love of community are sure to make the inaugural A Hitch To The Sticks Music Festival one heck of a kumbaya.

So get ready to sit tight, buckle up and play corners with some new friends when the wheels on the Hitch To The Sticks bus go round and round this March.

3 days |10 music events | 30 acts | 710km | 1 bus

Hitch To The Sticks Festival 2018
Friday 16 March – Sunday 18 March
North-East Victoria

Tickets on sale now via www.ahitchtothesticks.com
Limited to only 50 tickets.
Accommodation, travel and some food and drinks provided.

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