Tell us about your Release ‘San Fran’ ?

DAN: It’s a newbie that we have been eager to get out there for a while now; also our favorite song to play live. We recorded it with Colin Wynne at Thirty Mill studios with Mark Opitz who produced some of the classic bands  such as Divinyls, The Angels &  INXS  to name a few. The track holds a lot of anger and energy and the dark lyrics just kinda of flowed out as we wrote it.  

What’s your favourite work at this point in time? (your own or your group’s work)

DAN: We both for some reason love ‘Honey Punch’ the most, which we released very casually with a D.I.Y punky clip. I think we love it so much because it’s so raw and we got to do a popping pink video for it which was so much fun to shoot and edit. 

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

EL: The first day of recording with this legendary producer, we obviously were nervous & excited. Dan plugged in his bass rig and as he started jamming we watched in terror as the vibrations from the bass shook the dust out of the cracks in the wall and nearly put a split in the house. Needless to say we probably didn’t make the best first impression. Or they may have loved it, but their faces definitely said otherwise. haha. 

What, or who, inspires you?   

DAN: Nothing like a big hot bowl of spicy Pho to get us in the mood for making some dirty rock n roll. No seriously, being musicians, we are crazy busy all the time and end up getting rundown or sick, so Pho is our muse. 

Which song do you wish you wrote?    

El: ‘Gold,Guns & Girls’ by Metric

Dan: ‘Van Inhalin’ by Grasshole. 

What’s next for you?    

DAN: Releasing heaps of new music and videos which we have already brewing, some of which are already recorded. Also to tour lots this year and hopefully pop our cherry on playing some festivals! Oh!!! and buy some new socks! God damn, they must have legs on em, cause they keep fucking running away. 

What’s your scene?    

DAN: Our scene is drinking tea in a nice cabin in the mountains whilst on tour with really good company. Bonus points would be having a pig running around or a dog or a monkey. Also must involve a huge vegan burger and chips, lots of chips.

Melbourne punk rock duo Mannequin Death Squad released a music video to accompany their incendiary new single San Fran which was unleashed on Friday 14 June, 2019.

The single itself was a product of a highly productive recording stint with legendary Australian producer Mark Opitz, the single is a perfect antidote for our times – it’s a vicious attack on mindless consumerism, self-wealth obsession and denial of social responsibility.

“San Fran arose from our anger about the filthy rich, ill-intentioned leaders of the world and their way of dumbing down the population and over-medicating the young and promoting excessive materialism”, explains El, who takes lead vocals on the single.

San Fran is an evolved example of the powerful punk rock sound that Mannequin Death Squad offered on their recent singles Honey Punch and Blue, releases that saw them receive airplay on Josh Merriel’s Short.Fast.Loud punk and hardcore show on triple j and on numerous community stations across Australia and the UK.

The sonic assault of Mannequin Death Squad is all the more remarkable with the unholy racket being generated by just Dan and El, alternating on drums, guitar and vocals, creating a huge sound that brings to mind panoramic rock sounds bursting out of a claustrophobic, tight space – the impact is volcanic!

On working with Mark Opitz, a famed producer responsible to records by Australian icons such as Divinyls, AC/DC, INXS, Cold Chisel, The Angels and Hoodoo Gurus, MDS’s Dan comments, “He is totally down to earth and a calming presence in the studio. The main focus was on performing the song and making it believable. The process of nailing the arrangement and feel of the track was up there with the most enjoyable moments we have spent in the studio as musicians”.

Recently linking up with leading booking agents Harbour Agency, Mannequin Death Squad intend taking the show on the road for the rest of 2019, blazing a path of destruction through the self-satisfied conservative landscape.

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