Food Scene: Top Three Burgers and Pizza in Melbourne


  1. Smoky Pulled Pork Burger-Seven Seeds, Carlton. Brioche buns encase smoky pulled pork with house made BBQ sauce and slaw, accompanied by curly fries and herb aioli. This hefty morsel is packed with so much flavour and sauce with the potential to drip down one’s arms, that it remains a popular favourite amongst the lunch crowd. It gets my vote for the best pulled pork burger in Melbourne.

  2. Big Kahoonah Burger, Burger Boss, Highett. Nothing says tropical paradise like a tender slice of pineapple on your burger. Burger Boss’ Big Kahoonah Burger is replete with soft buns, fat free premium beef, bacon and pineapple. One mouthful of this juicy burger and you’re in Hawaii escaping the bitter Melbourne winter.

  3. Spicy Royale Burger, The Royale Brothers, Brighton. Jalapenos enhance the flavour of other elements they accompany. In the Spicy Royale Burger they enhance the taste of a damn good burger. Beef, jalapeno, salsa, onion, lettuce and spicy Royale sauce keep you coming back for more.


  1. Mergellina Pizza, Da Massimo Bentleigh. A pizza establishment that uphold’s Italian tradition of simple toppings with maximum taste. A crispy thin wood fired pizza base, mozzarella, tomato, tiger prawns, garlic and parsley encapsulates pizza heaven.

  2. Americana with pineapple, Skippy Pizza, Mentone. When you want to wipe away the hipster, wood fired pizza blues, reach for an old skool Americana with hot salami, stringy cheese, capsicum, tomatoes and pineapple, and follow it with a Cassata chaser.

  3. Pizza Tiger Prawns, D.O.C, Carlton. Crispy prawns, with tomato, mozzarella, endive and fresh chilli, washed down with a crisp vino and you come as close to being Italian as Vince Colosimo.

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