Q&A Scene: Craig Johnston

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?

A Soldiers Wife is the 3rd EP from us, there is a video for every song on the recording which I release one every month in the four months leading up to the launch in June.

This release has some great collaborations on it, there are performances by Steve Pigram, some members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Coby Grant.

delsinki records How would you describe your sound in food form and why?

If I had to describe my sound in food form… gee I really don’t know its a little bit of everything I guess!?

Which song resonates most strongly and why?

My favourite song on this release would be Monkey. It resonates with me because my wife inspired it and the video is a ripper, it was animated by Mike Foxall:

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from movies, visuals and pictures but also like collaborating with other artist be it painters, photographers or musicians. In my first band, Gretchen Lewis, our first album was almost based on the TV show Deadwood :)
What’s next for you?

Next for me is more writing and recording, I have already started the next EP which will be a collaboration with Brooke Taylor who is a fellow musician in St Kilda. We have two songs started in the studio and are working on 3 more.

What’s your scene?

I don’t really have a scene my stuff doesn’t fit a genre really, I’m not saying it’s something completely original or you haven’t heard before but there is a little bit of folk in there with a bit of rock with a bit of pirate with a bit of cowboy with a splash of Americana.


Craig Johnston (Delsinki Records) is a Melbourne based singer songwriter. He has been involved in several musical projects over the years. He was the founding member of Gretchen Lewis, who in 2010 released their debut album produced by Lindsay Gravina ‘Issue 1′ through Green Media. His latest and most intimate project, falls under the name Delsinki Records. Craig, working with Cameron McKenzie has begun to capture his uniquely deep, raw and earthy sound. His strong lyrics and melodies arrive from a place of truth and sincerity that in turn give the listener permission to relate and interpret the style and musical genre for themselves.

Releasing one EP every year, the first song from the 2015 EP to be released in June, ‘Monkey’ was premiered on Tonedef 06-03-2015. This EP has collaborations with The ACO, Coby Grant & Steve Pigram.

2013 saw Craig singing along side Brian Ritchie from The Violent Femmes as a part of the 2013 ‘The Reef‘ Australian/Hong Kong tour, which started February 22nd in Brisbane and finished up in Sydney at the Opera House on March 4th with dates between in Canberra, Melbourne, New Castle and Woolingong then onto Hong Kong for March 15 & 16.

Craig will be joining the Australian Chamber Orchestra again in the US for the 2016 ‘The Reef’ tour starting in Feb.

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