Q&A Scene: Our top 10 favourite Q&As for 2015

What’s your scene?
Don’t have one..

Dave Warner
What’s your scene?
I’m in with the Out-Crowd

Jennifer Kingwell
What’s your scene?
Where riot grrrl punk, cabaret love and art music collide.

Stu Thomas
What’s your scene?
100 songs in my brain, revolving and evolving. Seeing, not just looking. Generating weirdo pictures and sounds.

Charlie Marshall
What’s your scene?
I see myself as the star baby at the end of the film 2001 A Space Odyssey, the whole universe is my scene.

The Audreys
What’s your scene?

Brian Canham
What’s your scene?
hmmm, not sure about that.. I live in a treehouse style house in the forest… i don’t watch TV or listen to the radio (except for classic radio stations). I don’t really listen to pop music.. more eclectic bachelor pad style kitsch and film scores from the greats like Bernard Herrmann, Elmer Bernstien, Philp Glass, Thomas Newman etc. I ride a classic Harley Davidson, but also have a “Smart” roadster sports car, and a big french (Peugeot) coupe as well..i love bike and cars.. i love markets, travel…etc.. I have a long beard in tribute to my late father, which also makes up for the lack of hair on my head.. i think I am a lot of styles all at once really…

Gil Matthews
What’s your scene?
…..as a musician my favorite scene is to play in front of an audience…..no matter how big or small. I have played in front of 200,000 people down to 30 people.?

Greg Arnold – Things of Stone and Wood
What’s your scene?

Well, I love melodic power pop and 70s rock, but I guess I’ll be forever associated (and happy about it) with acoustic music.

Seriously … you folk one rock!

Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk
What’s your scene?
Our gigs have an air of danger and sex. Beautiful women are free to express themselves and are as dangerous as hell. Everybody can have a good time ‘cos there’s a lot of love in the room and we just can’t help but stomp out that primeval swamp boogie ooze.

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