Q&A Scene: Bloom (Amanda Canzurlo)

Tell us about your new tour?
Well, it’s my FIRST tour as Bloom promoting the new EP!
I will be supporting the incredible Aviida on their Australian Tour over for the Melbourne and Sydney Shows. I will get to play my songs acoustically completely stripped bare of the electronic elements, gives the songs a totally different feel and I can really tell the story so I am looking forward to that!

I will then start my Adele & Amy Songbook Tour! First shows kick off in Melbourne in August…
I am super excited to sing songs of 2 artists I look up to as writers, I love both of their vocal tones & phrasing, the songs are fun, the band is smokin’ and it is a fun project.. I will also play a taste of my originals so i am really looking forward to it!

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?
I would say my Bloom project is my favourite because I can really hear how I have grown as an artist. I am beginning to “love” the sound of my vocals & I really enjoyed writing and recording the album. BUT my first collaboration was with a DJ in Florence. I flew over to record & film the video clips (at Roberto Cavalli’s sisters house) That was pretty incredible too!

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.
Previous to this original journey I was in the cover scene, there was this one Wedding where the organiser forgot to tell me that I had to learn the bridal waltz. It was a song I had never heard before and I had about 40mins to nail it before getting on stage… I did it! But I couldn’t remember it now… phew!

What, or who, inspires you?
Heavy topics, love, loss & death. I’m a DnM kind of person anyway, bubbly, but I like to peel away the onion layers and find out about peoples stories. I like to write about topics people don’t often talk about until you get to know them. I then love hearing from people around the world telling me how my music helped them through some of their darkest times, that inspires me.

Which song do you wish you wrote?
Oh, there are so many! At the moment my brain is stuck on Adele & Amy so let’s say… You Know I’m No Good – Amy … I love everything about this song & I close my eyes and can picture the story so vividly … I love when songs spark the imagination especially when you haven’t written it yourself…

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
My Vocal sound…. Sweet .. but I don’t have a sweet tooth, so maybe something like roasted marshmallows? Light, fluffy but warm and comforting haha

What’s next for you?
today… rehearsal .. the next 6 months, a bunch of shows around Australia – weeeeeee :)

What’s your scene?
Traditional Italian Girl vs New Age Woman…(i do shave my armpits though) haha
Fun but I love my “me” time too! I’m quite complex really… just ask the boyfy ;)

About Bloom

Bloom is an emerging Australian singer/songwriter gaining acclaim for her smooth deep vocals and her fresh ambient pop sound. Although she finds inspiration in artists such as Banks and Lana Del Rey, Bloom ultimately covers ground that is uniquely her own.



She draws deep into the human condition to explore stories of loss and despair in an uplifting way that foregrounds hope and an appreciation of life stripped bare of the mundane and superficial distractions of everyday life. These themes are universal in their appeal.

Bloom’s collaborations with Swedish DJ/producer, number one on the weekly charts on radio Danz in Florida and a strong performance on the Beatport charts attest to a growing international appeal. In November 10, 2015 Bloom released her debut EP. With national & international performances to rave reviews under her belt, Bloom is primed for the next step – 2016 Australian Tour. Take the journey with her.

Tour Dates

27 – The Basement – supporting Aviida (Sydney)
31 – Memo – Supporting Aviida (Melbs)

6th – Adele & Amy Show – Spotted Mallard (Melbourne)
7th – Adele show – Flying Saucer (Melbourne)

7th – Adele & Amy Show – Friends Restaurant (08) 9221 0885
8th – Adele & Amy Show – Friends Restaurant (sold out)
9th – Adele & Amy Show – Bendigo Bank Stadium, Mandurah
10th – Adele & Amy Show – Lesmurdie Club

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