Q&A Scene: Atomic Riot

Answers by Tommy Sunset
Tell about your new recording
We are recording a 3 track teaser for our full length album in mid July with Chris Themelco at Monolith Studios. Chris has worked with a lot of Melbourne based thrash/metal bands (Harlott, Envenomed, Orpheus Omega) and that is why we have chosen to work with him. We wanted to steer away from that half full, mid heavy sound that a lot of Australian rock bands are going for and go for a really huge, crisp full sound. Something different from what everyone else is doing here at the moment. We will be releasing a clip for each of the 3 tracks and doing some big single launches to push them. Head over to the Atomic Riot fb page to stay tuned on those dates.

Describe Atomic Riot’s sound in food form:

A totally epic nacho pizza, full Michelangelo, Ninja Turtle, style. Because there are a whole bunch of really rad tasty influences in our tunes.
Which song resonates most strongly and why?
I’d say our song “Whiskey Business” because it totally sums up what we are about…channelling serious party vibes for everyone, drinking whiskey and rocking out with our proverbial c$&@ks out :P We like to get the crowd involved with this one live so we hand out shots of our favourite whiskey…fireball.
Any on the road anecdotes?
Being a relatively fresh band we haven’t hit the road yet but there are plans in motion for an Australia wide tour by the end of the year. In saying that most of us have paid our dues on the road in previous bands and I have to say even though it’s the most cliched  thing ever and I’m sure the boys will agree “WHAT HAPPENS ON TOUR STAYS ON TOUR” hahaha
Oh, and it’s not really an anecdote, more a tip: try and avoid truck stop food, 90% of the time, you’re gonna have a bad time haha.
Where do you draw inspiration from?
Anything with steeze hahaha. Musically, there is a very apparent influence from late 70s and 80s glam and rock n roll. We all just love to party with all the radlordz that come down to our shows and we just supply the soundtrack for the party. We play the music we wanna hear if we where going out to cause mayhem :)
What’s next for Atomic Riot?
Damn what isn’t next, we are pretty much fully booked until mid September. We are playing the new venue in St Kilda, Cellar Bar, June 13th; it’s a rock’n’roll night curated by Mark from The Mercy Kills. We’re playing with The Lockhearts and Exile, so will be a killer night.​​ We have our first headline show coming up at Cherry Bar on July 3rd, into the studio mid July, we are doing a residency at Woodys Fine Liquor from late July til mid August and have a whole heap of other shows in between. We are then looking to do a full national tour and then we are heading over to America for a few weeks at the end of the year. Full steeze ahead y’all.
What’s your scene?
Our scene is wherever the good times and the beers are flowing. We don’t wanna limit ourselves to one particular scene, we will bring the ruckus wherever we are welcome: retirement villages, sweet 16s, bar mitzvahs, over 40s nights. But if I’m taking that question a little more literally we are part of the thriving Melbourne rock scene haha… but seriously if anyone needs a good band for a bar mitzvah hahaha
Looking forward to catching you radlordz at the next show!!!
Atomic Riot Facebook link
Atomic Riot are a new Party Rock n Roll band from Melbourne feat. Ash Lightning(Vocals), Drew Suhr, Alex Richmond(Guitar), Tommy Sunset(Bass), Ben Ashwood(Drums).

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