Gig Scene: Sebastian Bach – The Forum Theatre, 25th September 2015

Sebastian Bach by Mary Boukouvalas. Click to see the full gallery.

One of the prettiest men in metal came skidding into town on Saturday night. Sebastian Bach (aka Sebastian Philip Bierk) played to a full house at one of Melbourne’s premier performance venues, The Forum Theatre.

Winning the hometown crowd over with his AC/DC tee and his banter about his love of our fine country, he launched into a set that any Skid Row or Sebastian Bach fan would have creamed their pants over.

From the first strains of ‘Slave To The Grind’, Bach had us in the palm of his sweaty hand. Singing songs about being young, dumb and full of cum just doesn’t seem right when you’re pushing the half-century, but Bach exudes an air of youthfulness that belies his age and makes his music more than okay.

Some musicians sound great on vinyl but can’t pull off a live gig, while others make music that comes alive when it’s played to real, living, breathing punters (albeit drunk). Bach’s live performances definitely sizzle and pop and showcase his strong voice.

No one would say that Sebastian Bach’s music is an intellectual’s dream, but there’s something totally honest about lyrics that reflect the psyche of the common man. It’s just music to rock out to, and that’s certainly what the punters did.

Nine of the fourteen songs hailed from the days of Skid Row, and the fans loved them! ‘Temptation’, ’18 and Life’ (from which this tour derived its name), and ‘Monkey Business’ among other hits got the room pumping. Original songs, of which there were only a few, were received just as warmly.

All too soon Bach hit the first notes of his closing number ‘T.N.T.’…yes the old AC/DC classic and the crowd roared. After 25 years of performing, Sebastian Bach has figured that there’s nothing better than bonding over a bit of the Acadaca and I suppose that’s part of the reason we’re still enthusiastic for his brand of rock n’ roll.

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  1. Great review…and I only wish I could’ve seen him live.
    But just to let you know..’Temptation’ is from his latest offering ‘Give ‘Em Hell’ and not an old Skid Row song.

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