Food Scene: Marukame Udon, Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu

Marukame Udon along Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki, is a Hawaiian institution. It’s common to see a long queue of people lining up for breakfast, lunch and dinner to feast on fresh udon noodles, made on the premises. Although they don’t take bookings, the line moves swiftly as patrons quickly slurp their bowls of steaming noodles and leave by the back exit. Even at peak times, it takes no more than ten minutes to dine inside. There are a myriad of udon noodle combinations, including cold and hot, as well as a chicken salad version. I opt for a regular sized bowl of curry flavoured broth with pieces of meat, a bargain at $5.25 USD, along with tempura shrimp $1.75 USD a piece and potato croquet for $1.50 USD.  The regular size is very generous and filling, but for those with hearty appetites, large is also an option. The curry broth, is rich, full and soothing and the noodles are tender and juicy. A local tells me to add the tempura to the broth to soak up the curry broth, which is a good tip and don’t be afraid to slurp the broth directly from the bowl. Anyone who has dined here, will always return. It’s both a local and tourist favourite.


2310 Kuhio Avenue, Suite 124

Honolulu, HI 96815

(808) 931-6000

Hours: 7am-9am & 11am-10pm, Mon-Sun

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