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Dani G‘s scene is mainly about the band, the music. Otherwise the vocalist and bassist of Greek band 1000MODS states: “I like to read books. I like to go to the movies. I like to go to theatres, I like to go to live shows. That’s how I spend my time. And I like to cook.”

Whilst Dani’s specialty may be burgers, he feels 1000MODS’ music is more of a “spaghetti bolognese” because it’s his “favourite” and because “once you eat it, you are full. Once you eat only one plate, it’s deadly.”

“Deadly” is an apt way to describe 1000MODS’ music. A mixture of 70s, 90s metal, grunge and hard rock alternative, it is not difficult to hear the influences but also realise the combination is uniquely 1000MODS. Dani recalls his first taste of Black Sabbath: “I was 12 years old. My uncle bought a compilation compact disc me because he wanted me to hear the song Paranoid. He knew that I was into rock music, and I was 12 years old. It was like 1994 I think. Yeah, something like that. Back in the 90’s anyway, so yeah he brought me a compilation cd and the last song was Black Sabbath’s Paranoid. I was absolutely crazy about it. I played it like so many times on repeat that day. The next morning I got my father to buy me the Paranoid album because I was so young and I could not go to the music store by myself.”

As for first playing bass, Dani states: “I had to pick up the bass because our bass player in our last gig, the band before 1000MODS, quit. We didn’t have any friend who could play the bass, so I had to play the bass. I think it was like 2003, 2004?” Though with idols such as “Lemmy from Motorhead, Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath, Jack Bruce from Cream, Tim Commerford from Rage Against the Machine” how could he go wrong? With lyrics, Dani acknowledges the collaborative nature of the last album, even though band member Labros says “Dani wrote about 90% of the lyrics. Dani laughs and reiterates: “The last album is like a teamwork on the lyrics. I have one or two personal ones but the whole band contributed to the lyrics. The lyrics for The Son were me and the guitarist, Giorgos; we had an idea for the second verse, so it’s the most personal song I’ve ever put lyrics on. It speaks about my family, it speaks about relationships and how you see your family and stuff like that. Giorgos also helped me with some ideas in the second verse of the song. That particular song was very challenging for me to sing because I still get very emotional on stage and I was very emotional on the recording process.”

Dani continues: “I wrote Above 179, it’s about us, it’s about the band. It is an allegoric meaning. It is like I’m trying to be ironic about ourselves; like sarcasm.” With lyrics such as: “Because we are the gods, the kings of nowhere”, Dani continues: “It’s like we have nothing, and we are nowhere, and ’cause a lot of people make things up a different way, but we have nothing.” Through the times of nothingness however, music prevails as Dani concludes: “If I didn’t have music I don’t know if I would be alive. Music helps a great deal.”

Catch Dani and 1000MODS for some catharsis of your own.

Wednesday, April 3:The Basement,Canberra
Thursday April 4:Factory Floor,Sydney SOLD OUT!
Friday April 5:Stay Gold,Melbourne SOLD OUT!
Saturday April 6:Mojo Burning FestivalBrisbane
Feat. Tumbleweed, The Vasco Era, Lachy Doley, King of the North and more

Sunday April 7:The Barwon Club,Geelong

Tuesday April 9: Hobart Brewing Co, Hobart

Wednesday April 10: The Tote, Melbourne
Thursday April 11:Crown and Anchor,Adelaide
Friday April 12:Lucy’s Love Shack,Perth
Saturday April 13:Indi Bar,Scarborough

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