Throwback Thursday: Remembering Kurt Cobain, 25 years on!

How the hell did that happen? Well that’s a good question! We thought it was a good question anyway and we hope you, our good listeners do too, we being Boston based singer-songwriter Mary Lou Lord and Melbourne based musician and music writer Maryanne Window. Mary Lou and Maryanne have been musical collaborators for the past 6 years. Having connected over their love of good songs and a series of musical parallels, they began writing and recording together and formed a fast friendship. They both found that they had a multitude of funny stories from their involvement in the music industry during its corporate hey day – the 1990s – where money still flowed and artists were wined and dined and indulgence was at a prime. Mary Lou Lord has been known to tell many a cracking yarn via her Facebook page and the question was asked – “When are you going to write a book Mary Lou?” Rather than write a book for now, Mary Lou is going to be telling some of her stories here in this podcast and together with Maryanne, will be asking some of her favourite artists and friends some of their “How the Hell Did That Happen?” moments of life.

1ExplicitEpisode 10 – Remembering Kurt and the darkest dayThis episode, Mary Lou shares some more recollections of Kurt Cobain and shares her thoughts and feelings as we approach the 25th anniversary of his tragic death. If any of you our listeners and friends are struggling with depression, there is help avai2 4 2019FreeView in iTunes
2ExplicitEpisode 9 – The ’90s part 2This episode we bring you the long awaited part 2 of Mary Lou’s story of her relationship with Kurt Cobain and the ensuing crazy dealings she had with Courtney Love. It’s really a case of fact being crazier than fiction and it’s all true!17 3 2019FreeView in iTunes
3ExplicitEpisode 8 – The ’90s – the beginningThis week on February 20, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain would have turned 52. Episode 8 is the first in a series which sees Mary Lou tell the story of how she met Kurt, how their relationship began, the early ’90s and the storm that was about to unleash.20 2 2019FreeView in iTunes
4ExplicitEpisode 7 – Gun ControlThis week Mary Lou recounts a cautionary tale about being held at gunpoint by a random stranger.6 2 2019FreeView in iTunes
5ExplicitEpisode 6 – New music and broaching the (w)Hole truthThis week Mary Lou and Maryanne discuss Bird Box, the new music they’ve been listening to including Better Oblivion Community Centre, Ryan Adams, Jenny Lewis, Tim Bluhm and The Lemonheads. They discuss the Bikini Kill reformation shows that were just an28 1 2019FreeView in iTunes
6ExplicitEpisode 5 – Busking with a one armed banditThis episode Mary Lou tells Maryanne a few of her favourite busking stories as well as talking new music and new books.18 1 2019FreeView in iTunes
7ExplicitEpisode 4 – Michael Adams tells us about the time he met the Beatles at The Ed Sullivan Show.This week Mary Lou and Maryanne talk to Michael Adams about meeting the Beatles the first time they played on The Ed Sullivan Show, seeing them at Shea Stadium, being in a high school band with The Stooges’ James Williamson, having Susan Day as a lab pa5 1 2019FreeView in iTunes
8ExplicitEpisode 3 – Talking with Phoebe BridgersOur first ever guest is the super talented and super sweet singer songwriter Phoebe Bridgers! Mary Lou and Maryanne spoke to Phoebe when she was recently in Boston during the Boy Genius tour, Boy Genius being Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus28 12 2018FreeView in iTunes
9ExplicitEpisode 2 – Hanging with Jimmy BuffettIn this episode, Mary Lou tells Maryanne a somewhat rambling story about Russ Kunkel and Jimmy Buffett. The story starts out with Mary Lou having dinner with Irving Azoff at the Ivy in LA, and ends with her naked, in a GLASS elevator in a hotel in West22 12 2018FreeView in iTunes
10ExplicitEpisode 1 – An introduction to our podcast series How The Hell Did That Happen?How the hell did that happen? Well that’s a good question! We thought it was a good question anyway and we hope you, our good listeners do too, we being Boston based singer-songwriter Mary Lou Lord and Melbourne based musician and music writer Mary22 12 2018FreeView in iTunes
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