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Labros G’s scene is music. The drummer from Greek stoner rock band 1000MODS states: “We’re really big music lovers. Music is our life. We really enjoy attending shows of other bands. We really enjoy supporting other Greek bands. Watching their shows. Attending all of these Greek live events. Now, I don’t know if you know it, in Athens, this is so big, it’s like a revival. People want to participate in the music scene. Thousands of bands there. Hundreds of live bands every month. I think this is something beautiful. The scene has really really grown in the last five years. For us, because music is our life, it’s a nice way to have fun at a gig, watch other musicians play, and enjoy ourselves.

Labros and his friends formed 1000MODS in 2006; taking their name from their hometown, Chiliomodi, in Greece.The name 1000MODS is a literal translation of the town as “chillia” means “a thousand” in Greek. The band members being “really good friends since four or five years old”, Labros recalls: “George started playing guitar around 13, 14. Some years later, I start playing drums. I think I played drums since I was 16 years old or something like that. We had a discussion. It started as a passion; as a dream. George started to play guitar, and he was like why don’t you play drums? And he bought a pair of sticks for me.” He continues: “We were fond of bands like Black Sabbath, all the metal bands from the 70’s and the 90’s scene with grunge bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden”. Labros laughs and adds that 80s metal “got a little bit too flashy and too much makeup”.

Now, five albums later, the dream is a reality and they are touring in Australia for the first time. It took them a while as their “touring programme started to take off in the last two years”. Labros states: “Since 2016, we are consistently on the road. Played many times in Europe. We had a US tour last year. Mexico, Canada, USA. We had been in touch with a US band for many years since our first EP but we never knew how it was going to be when we were actually there. It was really surprising for us, because when we went to the US, we had already played six or seven European tours. You know every tour is better than the previous. Every city the next time has more people and more people. We were really anxious about how it was going to be in USA. It was going to be the first time and we were expecting no people at all. It was like going in Europe the first time in 2011. I thought it was going to be the same, but actually it was pretty good and really successful for the first time. There were cities with sold out shows and cities with packed shows. Many people that already heard about our live shows, heard our music, they were really getting in to buying our merchandise because it was our first time there. They had no chance before to see us or see how we are live and enjoy our music.”

1000Mods is “hoping” for a similar reception here in Australia. Now, with extra shows being added and shows being sold out, it seems more than likely. Luckily for Labros, he enjoys touring. He states: Speaking for myself, I really enjoy to tour. Sometimes of course it gets tiring body-wise, but also mind-wise. It’s like for a month every day you have the same schedule. You have to wake up early to drive for five, six hours; do the same sound check; play the show. Then go to sleep and do the same thing again and again. It can make you lose your mind a bit. But at the end of the day, it really feeds you because you visit places that you never expected to visit, and there are people who listen to your music and with whom you share and have experiences. It’s amazing. Now it was a moment for us to do Australia before the next album. The guys from Beats Cartel contacted us some months ago and we said, why not?” Labros continues: “It’s the first time for everyone in Australia. We know a lot of things about the nature. About the culture. We hope to have the time to visit also the nature of Australia, which I think is amazing and quite a bit different than we’re used to.”

Catch Labros and 1000MODS on their first Australian tour.

Wednesday, April 3:The Basement,Canberra
Thursday April 4:Factory Floor,Sydney SOLD OUT!
Friday April 5:Stay Gold,Melbourne

Saturday April 6:Mojo Burning FestivalBrisbane
Feat. Tumbleweed, The Vasco Era, Lachy Doley, King of the North and more

Sunday April 7:The Barwon Club,Geelong

Tuesday April 9: Hobart Brewing Co, Hobart

Wednesday April 10: The Tote, Melbourne
Thursday April 11:Crown and Anchor,Adelaide
Friday April 12:Lucy’s Love Shack,Perth
Saturday April 13:Indi Bar,Scarborough

*All show details and on-sale tickets at

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