Spirit Scene: Guest Spirit Scener ~ Tim Kearny, Brewer and Ballarat Beer Festival director

You can mix spirits and beer!

Spirit Tim Kearney, brewer/owner of Ballarat Golden Ale and one of the Festival Directors of the Ballarat Beer Festival, had this suggestion for mixing spirits and beer:

As craft beer lovers, we strongly advise against mixing the beers with anything, as the brewers are so proud of their recipies and what they come up with! But, there is one refreshing beer cocktail that we quite enjoy at say, a summer festival in January, and it goes something like this….

The Caipbeerinha:

  • Start with half a litre of Cachaca, two wedges of lime, two wedges of lemon, six mint leaves, a little splash of agave nectar and an one third of a litre of IPA beer.
  • Combine the citrus and agave nectar, add mint and cachaça and shake with ice, top with beer in the mixing glass and serve.


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