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Glen Matlock’s scene is playing music. He’s on his way to Australia with Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats) to play for us. He says “I’m coming over – Monday, I’m flying out. Flying to Brisbane, we’ve got a day or two of rehearsals there, and then we’re going to be doing some shows. Looking forward to it. I haven’t been to Australia for about 2 or 3 years.”

On tour with Robert Gordon, 3rd April 2010. Photo by Mandy Hall.

“I’ve been mates with Slim Jim for a long long while now and we’ve done quite a few different projects together. Just about a year I put an album down of stuff, it’s not out yet, and we’ve been doing some shows together. The only thing is that Earl Slick was going to be joining us, but he’s had a lot of medical problems, so he can’t make it now so we’re playing with a guy that Slim Jim knows over there. Bit of a shame, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. ”

He explains “We’ve been doing our shows for quite a while now. It’ll be good. We’ve got a lot of songs to choose between us. Something old, something new, something a little bit bluesy. I mean, we’ll be doing a bit of rockabilly songs, but I’ve written a few new songs and playing with Jim always put a rockabilly style to it. We’ve got a stand up bass player, I’m going to be playing rhythm guitar and Slim Jim’s going to sing a couple as well. It’s got a very nice skiffle kind of vibe to it. There’s some good songs. Nobody’s going to go home disappointed.”

Matlock chats about the first time he came to Australia. “I first came to Australia in 1985 with Johnny Thunders (New York Dolls). I was playing with him back then. The America’s Cup was on in Perth. I remember going to look at all the boats. I bumped into a mate of mine from England and I said “what on earth are you doing here” and he said well see that pub down there under corrugated iron and I said “yeah”. He said “well, in about 10 minutes that corrugated iron is coming down” I said “how do you know?” and he said “cause I’m the gov’ner and I’m in charge and you’re going to be my first customer”. I didn’t see any of the races after that. That was it. ”

“I was there in 96 and then I came out with a guy called Robert Gordon, Slim Jim & Chris Spedding. We played the Byron Bay Blues festival. I think we also played in Melbourne – that place under the railway bridge.” (The Corner Hotel)

On tour with Robert Gordon, 3rd April 2010. Photo by Mandy Hall.

On his favourite thing that he’s done over the years: “I’d like to say what I’m doing now, or what I’m about to do is the most interesting. I think the biggest thing I’ve ever done – I was a really big fan of a band called The Faces – you know, with Ronnie Wood and Kenny Jones and all the guys. They did some gigs about 5 years ago now. It was a band I used to stand in front of the mirror when I was 14 and then I worked with them at the Fuji Festival in Japan. Rod Stewart had been the singer, but he didn’t do it that time around. Mick Hucknall did it. It was really good. We only did about 8 or 9 shows, but it was fun. My biggest claim to fame in my mind, even though people would probably say it’s the Sex Pistols.”

“I’ve done lots of different things. I’m always doing sessions with people. Helping newer people out. I’ve kind of always seen myself as a songwriter and I’m going to sing some stuff that maybe you never heard, but will pick up on. ”

“Life in general” inspires Matlock. “Same as everyone. You know you see things that affect you, you get an idea in your head, you get a tune, see things come together that start niggling away at you and then it must be time to pick up the guitar and start trying to work it out. You’re just trying to put something forward. You know, when the song’s just come out of your imagination and it’s great for people in the front row, they’re connecting with a thought that you had in your head. That’s why I do it I think. I like to rock out a bit. I like showing off on stage. I’m a bit of quiet one off stage. I get to travel the world. I get to play with some great musicians. And it’s good to see the audience picking up on it. ”

When asked which song he wishes he’s written: “I wish I’d written Heroes, but then maybe Ray Davies wishes he’d written Pretty Vacant. Dunno.”

What’s next after this? “A bit more of the same really. I also do quite a few solo shows. I’ve been booking gigs over summer in Europe and getting the album out, that’s what I’m working on. And writing some more new songs I’ve been working on. Loads of different stuff.”

If his music were a food “It would be a rich bouillabaisse, you know, like rich, fishy stew. One or two songs might be like Marmite on toast, or Vegemite over there.”

He’s looking forward to coming to Australia. “I like the people over there. I like your sense of humour, I think you’ve kind of got, with the English connection, shared experiences and the way people talk and phrases that I catch up on. I’ve always had a laugh in Melbourne, it’s kind of a bit more cultural than Sydney, but you know that anyway. ”

Glen Matlock is on tour throughout February & March with Slim Jim Phantom. Details below.

L-R: Glen Matlock, Robert Gordon, Chris Spedding & Slim Jim Phanton. 3rd April 2010. Photo by Mandy Hall.

Tour Details

Friday 26th February 2016
Surfer Paradise Beergarden, Gold Coast QLD
Tix: + venue Box Office Ph. 07 5570 1322

Saturday 27th February 2016
Chardon’s Hotel (Backroom), Brisbane QLD
Tix;  + venue Box Office Ph. 07 3848 4091

Sunday 28th February 2016
Newtown Social Club, Sydney NSW
Tix: or 1300 724 867

Wednesday 2nd March 2016
Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle NSW
Tix: and

Thursday 3rd March 2016
Fowlers Live, Adelaide SA
Tix: and

Friday 4th March 2016
Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne VIC
Tix: and

Saturday 5th March 2016
Flying Saucer Club, Elsternwick VIC
Tix: Phone Bookings  03 9528 3600.

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