Review Scene: Kiss, Qudos Bank Arena, 27th August 2022 by Martin Cilia

Kiss, Qudos Bank Arena, 27th August 2022 by Mandy Hall

On arriving at the venue you can’t help but notice the die hard, rusted on, fans of Kiss in various interpretations of Kiss characters. The atmosphere was electric in anticipation of the fun approaching.

Support band The Poor hit the stage running with lots of energy. They looked like they were match fit for playing to large stages. Formed in 1986 as The Poor Boys in Darwin, Northern Territory. Current members are Anthony “Skenie” Skene, Matt Whitby, Gavin Hansen & Daniel Cox. They delivered a strong set of material.

Kiss made a grandiose entry, descending from the rafters of the Quodos arena to the stage floor, amid a blaze of explosions and bombs. (As you’d expect.) First song was Detroit Rock City. Second was Shout it Out Loud.

Kiss, Qudos Bank Arena, 27th August 2022 by Mandy Hall. Click for full gallery.

In 1980 I saw them at the Perth entertainment centre in their original lineup. At the time their production and presentation was the most flamboyant touring show of its time. The setup included the rotating drum cage and Ace Frehlys rocket guitar. 2022s show is state of the art, bringing the original concepts to us, as well as some new ones.

Paul Stanley doesn’t talk to the audience so much as he sings to the audience between songs. He kept the energy up all night. Towards the end of the set he stepped onto a swing in his giant boots and went out over the audience to a platform near the rear of the stadium to sing a couple of songs, including I Was Made for Loving You, before swinging back to the stage.

It was the Daemon’s 73rd birthday tonight. A cake was brought out. He blew out the candles, smashed the cake into his face, ate some, then threw the rest into the audience.

Tommy Thayer took on the spaceman character with conviction. He contributes admirably to the Kiss institution. Complete with shooting down alien space ships with his guitar.

The drummer, Eric Singer, sang Beth accompanying himself on a glittering piano. His drum solo was extremely entertaining. Unlike other drummers he’s not afraid not to play. While he was playing the platform rose to the ceiling and back down.

Coming in at just under 2 hours, the night was full of hits. Shandie was a big hit in Australia, but not really anywhere else in the world. It was one of the last songs and was accompanied by confetti and giant kiss balloons. It was a nice nod to the fact that Australia has been so loyal to the band over the years.

Photo by Mandy Hall. Click for full gallery.

If you get the opportunity to see them on the End of the Road tour, do it!

Set List

  1. Detroit Rock City
  2. Shout It Out Loud
  3. Deuce
  4. War Machine
  5. Heaven’s On Ifre
  6. I love It Loud
  7. Say Yeah
  8. Cold Gin
  9. Lick it Up
  10. Dr. Love
  11. Do You Love Me
  12. Psycho/100,000 years
  13. God if Thinder
  14. Love Gun
  15. I Was Made for Lovin’ You
  16. Black Diamond
  17. Beth
  18. Shandi
  19. Rock and Roll All Night

Next shows

Tuesday August 30            ADELAIDE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE, SA

                                & 132 849

                                         Support:  The Superjesus

Friday September 2           RAC ARENA, PERTH WA

                                & 132 849

Support:  Legs Electric


                                & 132 849

                                         Support:  Wolfmother

                                         ***SOLD OUT***

Saturday September 10     CBUS SUPER STADIUM, GOLD COAST, QLD

                                & 132 849

                                         Supports:  Wolfmother & Tumbleweed

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