Millar Jukes and the Muscle AUG 2022 photo credit Lewis Robert

What’s your favourite work at this point in time? 

 From the new EP, I’d say Vengeance is my favourite track. Big blues rock energy that smashes out the mantra that “what goes around comes around”. It’s my favourite song to play live as well. I love to rock out to this tune.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?

 Maybe a nice curry. Bit of spice that makes yer belly shake. Also you might regret in the morning after a coffee

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

 One of my favourite studio moments was watching Shannen Wick (Fulton Street), Bumpy and Emma Volard sing backing vocals on our song Lioness. Shannen wrote 21 part harmonies for it. Watching those three sing so effortlessly was incredible. I was so humbled to see 3 powerhouses groove to a song that I wrote. Definitely one of my favourite moments.

What, or who, inspires you?

 Watching my brothers (Saint PHNX) or my musician mates in Melbourne probably inspire me. They all have an amazing work ethic that I really admire and always try to emulate. They are so focused on what they are doing that they don’t compare or compete with other else and I love that mentality. Just happy doing their own thing. That’s really what I love about them most.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

 None. No point in being envious. Always appreciate someone else’s talent but you do you and focus on what you are doing.

What’s next for you?

Got a regional tour coming up in October which we’ll announce soon!

What’s your scene?

I’m a big indie kid. When I was at uni I was wearing skinny jeans and listening to Kings of Leon, the Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, the Killers etc. Loved going to ABC in Glasgow on a Thursday night and dancing to these bands. Think as I’ve gotten a bit older I’ve gotten into a lot more funk and soul. I listen to Lettuce and the Monophonics heaps now.




Mere weeks after the release of their latest single, Scotland-born and Melbourne-based indie-soul rocker Millar Jukes is back with his latest release, teaming up with his band The Muscle to unleash the ferocious Gittinit. The first taste from forthcoming EP GIT IT, it’s a blistering piece of blues rock, bolstered by catchy vocals, an irresistible groove, and a sense of power that few other artists could even come close to matching.

Harnessing their horn-filled indie-rock sound, Millar Jukes & The Muscle are an unstoppable force on Gittinit, with its all-out intensity revealing everyone involved in the track pushed themselves to their respective limits. Evoking sonic memories of hard-hitting rockers like Royal Blood, Catfish & The Bottlemen, and Rival Sons, Gittinit is a track that oozes power and confidence, and encompasses that feeling when you leave all your worries behind and become the life of the party – much to the admiration of others. As Millar Jukes explains, “Gittinit is about going out and losing it all on the dancefloor. Usually I write songs that are self-deprecating or about relationships, so I wanted to write one just about having a good time. I heard my mates say it when someone is feeling the music, like, ‘Ooh, he gittinit!’”.

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Millar Jukes has been based in Melbourne for over ten years now, curating a well-respected music career in that time, with numerous singles, EPs, and even a self-titled album last year. However, it was only recently that fans got a taste of The Muscle, with June single ‘Tongue Tied’ introducing the expansive sound that the combination resulted in. As Millar Jukes recalls, “I started out singing more folk and Americana singer songwriter stuff but then moved into a more indie-soul kind of vibe. our drummer, Ben Yarram, got the whole Muscle together. He was like, ‘Let me put the band together’, and away he went. He’s put together some of the best musos I’ve ever played with. I feel so lucky that these people have decided to form The Muscle. I’m much more confident, not only as a performer but as a songwriter knowing that The Muscle are behind me.”

As Millar Jukes moves on from his 2021 album, he’s now set to release his new EP, GIT IT, on August 26. Recorded, engineered, and produced by Brent Quick for Headstone Records, and mastered by Tony Mantz, the EP captures the live sound of Millar Jukes & The Muscle, all while showcasing an element of maturity and growth within the songwriting. Gone are the days of leaning into the sadness, GIT IT instead moves away from the ideas of moving on after a breakup, and instead looks at having new relationships and getting caught up in the moment – sometimes a little too much. As Millar Jukes explains, “We wanted to explore a more blues-rock sound when we started writing. These new songs came together pretty organically. Lemon Haze was completely different until we got into the studio and recorded the other tracks. It went from the weird reggae beat to this more driven indie song. It was awesome to see the whole band completely change it on the spot. Recording the whole EP was a brilliant experience, and I hope people like the new direction for this one.”

The music video for Gittinit sets the mood deep in the blues/rock bar scene. Directed by Lewis Robert, the black and white clip juxtaposes live performance with a dive-bar audience rocking out, set to a 4:3 ratio reminiscent of 90’s video clips.

Already renowned for their captivating live shows, intense performance style, and powerful musicianship, Millar Jukes & The Muscle will be accompanying the release of their GIT IT EP on August 26 with a launch show at Melbourne’s Evelyn Hotel. Set to truly stun everyone lucky enough to be in attendance, the Millar Jukes sound is one that continues to grow and expand with every passing minute, with the upcoming show set to feature the group as an eight-piece band. Of course, that’s just business for usual for Millar Jukes & The Muscle, with the intent of every show being to create an experience that the audience won’t soon forget. As Millar Jukes explains, “We just get up there and try to blow the roof off! It’s big energy for a big sound.”

Gittinit is out today, August 5, and new EP GIT IT is out now Get GITTINIT

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