Q&A Scene: New Release, WILLING & ABLE, Track-by-Track by INKLINES

Track-by-Track of WILLING & ABLE by INKLINES
The opening track ‘Mylar’ sets the pace for this EP, with a build-up straight into an explosive and catchy intro riff heard throughout the song. The synchronised rhythm of the bass guitar and kick drum throughout the intro and verse give an aggressive feel, polished nicely with a melodic chorus.

Willing & Able
The oddly accented drum intro immediately outlines the ominous vibe of ‘Willing & Able’, the title track from the EP. The staggered, jangly, open tuned guitars set the course for the bass and drums to drive through the verses before coming back to a melodic and lyrically personal chorus.

One Day
A garage-rock revival inspired, upbeat tune about personal issues in a societal context. It touches on themes of modern relationships and a standpoint against political control. The robotic feel of the rhythm section along with the subject matter of the song inspired the theme of the EP.
Rest On You
Despite beginning with a faster drum beat, keeping up the steady flow of the previous track; the low mood of the harmonizing guitar and bass lines and the solemn lyrics and melody really set a contrast from the rest of EP. The song continually increases dynamically from start to finish.

The second single lifted from the new EP, ‘Elusion’ is a hard-hitting alt-rock track, laden with infectious melodies, electrifying riffs and a raw-emotional chorus to boot. The consistent flow of the song as well as the climactic breakdown in the outro makes it a crowd favourite at live shows.

The World
Bedded with a repeated descending bass line, this jumpy rock track is full of infectious hooks that will be stuck in your head before it’s over. Coupled with argumentative lyrics and a roaring guitar outro to cap it off, ‘The World’ screams 90’s nostalgia.

Back To Me
This boppy, 70’s inspired tune rounds out and closes off the EP on a high note. An arpeggiated guitar riff over an earwig bass line and a huge chorus featuring Lachlan West on backing vocals, all laid over a thumping drum track, makes this the perfect outro song.

For Sydney 3-piece Inklines, the last 18 months have kept them busy recording with Lachlan West of The Vines and releasing two singles in November 2017 and May 2018. The recently released single ‘Back To Me’ is the third from their debut EP ‘Willing & Able’. [pullquote]“The pummelling entropy of ’90s-ridden alt-rock is well in truly embedded in Inklines’ DNA. They’ve got the style, the sound and the versatility nailed.” AAA Backstage[/pullquote] To kick off 2018, Inklines embarked on their biggest tour to date, including shows in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Byron Bay and Sydney, which earned them a small following around the country.

While they all draw influences from different areas, Will, Tom and Daniel’s shared love for bands like Muse, Silverchair, Radiohead and Royal Blood, to name a few, has found them creating a distinctive style of melodic alt-rock. The ‘Willing & Able’ EP explores themes of modern relationships, personal hurdles and just a hint of societal standpoints, across 7 tracks. From the growling riffs and melodic choruses in ‘Mylar’, to the huge harmonies and earwig bassline in ‘Back to Me’, this EP will be sure to take you on a musically dynamic journey.

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