Q&A Scene: Nato ~ BEASTWARS

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?
We released our new album IV last year after pretty much breaking up and having 2 years away from each other. Our singer got cancer so we decided to get back together again. Thankfully he’s now doing really well. So we’re back out celebrating by playing as many shows as possible.
What’s your favourite work at this point in time?I am really proud of this latest album. I think the songs a really strong but just the fact that it came out of such adversity, it brought us back together as friends.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

In 14 years of being in a band we have seen some crazy shit. Near death experiences, crazy antics and meeting some heroes supporting bands like Mastodon, Kyuss Lives, High on Fire, Melvins and Red Fang. There was one band we played some shows with who had a member that never said hello to us. He just burped every time we crossed paths. That was pretty weird.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Ezy Ryder – Jimi Hendrix. My favourite song since hearing it when I was 13.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?

Spearmint milkshake. Sweet, thick, and super cool. A desired taste but delicious for those in the know.
What’s next for you?
After Australia we have our own festival in Wellington NZ with Uncle Acid, Witchskull, Potion and Earth Tongue.
After that a European tour later in the year.What’s your scene?
We feel privileged to belong to an international community of like minded heavy bands.

After a triumphant Australian visit earlier this year, New Zealand heavy act Beastwars return to Australian shores in February on the back on new single This Mortal Decay, with a short and sharp three date run up and down the East Coast.

With a new found perspective and deep understanding of the fragility of life stemming from vocalist Matt Hyde’s recent battle with cancer, the band are back in world-class form and will return to Australia on the back of sold out shows at the Gershwin Room in Melbourne and one of the most mesmerising Dead of Winter festival sets ever layed down to a packed 1500 strong crowd at the Tivoli in Brisbane, earning them a new army of Australian fans.

“Part orchestra conductor and part demonic possession, vocalist Matt Hyde scampered across stage casting spells and hexes on his fellow bandmates. Eyes closed and arms out, his blood curdling guttural howls filled the ballroom and rode high on top waves of doom riffing”  SCENESTR MAG
Promoting gargantuan new single This Mortal Decay,  the introspective work was the last song written for latest Beastwars album IV and also the most triumphant, shaped by Hyde’s recent experiences delving into the abyss.  “I was lucky that I had music to express what had happened to me,” Hyde says. “A lot of people don’t have that. I was very lucky that we could make a record. I took the time to process it and turned it into something else.  It’s interesting to have the ability to confront the void, to confront the idea of mortality. I didn’t make peace with it either.”   LISTEN

Beastwars’ 4th album IV has been lauded around the world, debuting domestically at number 1 on the Top 40 album charts and seeing the band nominated for Best Group and Best Rock Album at the New Zealand Music Awards this year, a nomination they’ve amazingly earned for every album release.

“A thunderously heavy and life-affirming listen”  METAL HAMMER UK 
Nathan Hickey, Beastwars drummer, says of the upcoming Australian tour “We are so excited to be coming back to Australia this summer. You guys have always welcomed us with open arms and the love shown was immense on our last visit. Last years shows were huge. It was a dream to pack out the Gershwin Room in Melbourne and to play to a full house in Brisbane at the Tivoli. These next shows will be extra special too as it’s Matt’s birthday… so we will be bringing the party.”


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