Tell us about your forthcoming album?

OK sure, this LP includes a variety of indietronica songs. For example there is an electro dance track, called Digging in the Earth, a couple down tempo chillwave songs suck as Full Moon, You’ll Never Know and Legal Love. A driving with load music kind of song called, Venus, and a synthwave song called Taureon. Throw the track Sexy to get the party started. The record has a human old school hand done quality since we initially tried to record the songs live, rather then track-by-track. You’ll hear lots of analog synth solos. The music’s lyrics cover a range of topics including insecurity, acting in the moment, to fantasy sci-fi stories.

The record dropped on June 30thand it’s distributed through SRD and Forced Exposure available through most stores globally. It’s available digitally through most stores including iTunes and our website too. Our record is self titled, LUCKY+LOVE, and our band name is LUCKYandLOVE (no spaces, while we love the plus sign visually, it’s easier to match our web URL and search for us).


What’s your favourite work you’ve been involved with creating at this point in time?

LOREN: I am excited about our new performance line up, we revamped how we play live, and very excited about revealing that in our next live show at Echo Park Rising Festival in Los Angeles August 17-20 and our next LIVE streaming show online on August 26th.

Can you share a quick anecdote with us – from on the road, the studio or otherwise?

LOREN: Last year on our tour, we played an entire set at a show in Moscow, Idaho, that was completely improvisational. Coming up with songs on the fly in front of a crowd was an amazing experience. We listened to the recording later and it turned out to be a fun and exciting set. We are hoping to release that in the future as a limited edition fans only release digitally, and on cassette.

APRIL: Agreed, I want to try that again. I remember, we drove all day from Portland to straight to KRFP Radio Moscow and by the time we finished our set at the radio station, we jumped over to the show which in the basement of these kids house. They all had a real punk attitude, and when we strolled in with our synths we decided to give ’em the best synthpunk we had. It was a very charged, energetic and loud. It was like channeling Kathleen Hannah from Bikini Hill (but that’s impossible since she’s still alive).

Who or what inspires you in your musical path?

LOREN: First off my band mate April, she’s my muse. She inspires me, we are able to write music easily and it’s a blast. Reggie Watt’s inspired me to start live looping, which got April and I started with a new sound.

APRIL: Ditto, Loren really pushes music to the bleeding edge, I mean he’s a perfectionist and he’s always trying out challenging new ways of performing.

Liz Fraser, from Cocteau Twins, PJ Harvey, Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star inspire me vocally. Sarah Barthel from Phantogram inspires me vocally, lol… and to work out. Some personal friends / local bands I have also inspire me, like NKRIOT, L.A. Drones, Million Machines, Echolust and Panthar’s stage performances.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

I admire ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ by Washed Out (their second record, first song) because of the production value.

I really like the way Sarah fires out lyrics crazy fast on

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?

APRIL: I don’t know, I suppose because it’s our record has variety but over all is cohesive, it reminds me of home cooked Italian meal, my grandma would make us consistently. I’ll never forget how she’d prepare homemade lasagna and pasta fagioli soup, olive oil and lemon salad, steamed broccoli, rack of lamb, with table wine and the lemon meringue pie, home made assorted marzipan cookies with coffee for dessert.

LOREN: Ha Ha, ‘Sexy’ is a simple-sweet-tooth sounding song, Full Moon is a luscious and layered, Venus can be hearty and well cooked, for example.

What’s next for you?

We are finishing up our second record will be finished by the end of this year; we don’t know a release date yet. We’ll have a surprise release that will be coming out before that. We have a special live stream show August 26 and we are playing at HM157 on September 20th.

What’s your scene? 

APRIL: Our scene is Echo Park in Los Angeles, we support the local indie and the electronic music community around LA, and in our spare time we are always playing music. Right now, there is not a lot of spare time, since we have practicing rehearsing, recording, etc.

LOREN: Sometimes it’s a good coffee with good conversation with someone I love.


About Lucky & Love

“Fast forward to their debut LP – the sound and feel of this album is deliciously similar to Pleasure Victim, which launched the career of American new wave band Berlin back in the early ’80s, albeit with a more modern feel and sound. Pleasure Victim is a top album of the New Wave craze and that comparison alone speaks volumes.” The Big Take Over

“Take first single from their self titled debut al…bum as an example ‘Digging in the Earth’ sports a metallic but melodic synth line, mechanical drums, and the gently forceful vocals of April Love that create a simultaneously organic and synthetic atmosphere that is endearing. ” Jamie Coughlan – Overblown

“Los Angeles based duo Lucky + Love have a brand of dark-electro pop that is in a league of its own. Consisting of band members Loren Luck and April Love, the pair have successfully incorporated synth-heavy bass with polyphonic harmonies which in result propels the music into a dreamy state. Combined with April Love’s lush vocals, the two have mastered the art of live drumming, looping and monophonic solos. Their self-titled debut album has been curated to guide listeners on an intelligent journey through an industrial galaxy. A heavy rotation of repetitious beats met with melodic tones.

Formulating a modern dystopian sound paired with ethereal highs. WHAT THE WORLD PRESS HAS TO SAY “Meet LA’s LUCKY+LOVE—the duo of Loren Luck and April Love who contribute to the Southern California canon of deep-night driving synth pop , New York, USA -Sjimon Gompers The oscillation between the asphalt synth streets & interstellar outer realms feels closer than ever, as Lucky + Love ride out their Ryan Gosling film fantasies like a science fiction rocket of building emotions out to outer reaches of our galaxy & minds, New York, USA -Sjimon Gompers

LUCKY+LOVE returned with the underground-earth tunneling Steve Barron video for “Digging in the Earth” that exhibits a microcosm of our own ecological ties.” Impose Magazine, Goldmine Sack’s “This Week in Pop”, New York, USA -Sjimon Gompers “The two have already proven their ability to reach a world-wide audience with success from earlier singles like “sexy” and with the release of their newest “Venus” we can expect nothing less.” Spill Magazine, Ontario Canada “Los Angeles based duo LUCKY+LOVE have a brand of dark-electro pop that is in a league of its own. Consisting of band members Loren Luck and April Love, the pair have successfully incorporated synth-heavy bass with polyphonic harmonies which in result propels the music into a dreamy state”…Paul Beahan, Manimal Group, Los Angeles, USA Their self-titled debut album has been curated to guide listeners on an intelligent journey through an industrial galaxy”… Paul Beahan, Manimal Group, Los Angeles, USA “American electro-pop pair Lucky and Love have been turning heads on both sides of the Atlantic since arriving on the scene earlier this year. Their debut single, “Sexy”, has managed to infiltrate the airwaves of a number of British radio stations, while also making its presence felt in nations as far afield as Peru and Croatia“ Pure Magazine, Dubland Ireland “These tracks definitely do present a tantalising taste of what’s to come” Dave Simpson €“ Pure Magazine, Dubland Ireland “American band intends to make us travel into deep space, in the absolute maze, intends to make us travel in a somewhat dreamy universe. Perhaps this is the most representative piece of this band: the best piece of the album in our opinion. Phantasmagoria and sound wonders are the “highlight” of this band.” Felice Capasso – System Failure B, Milan Italy

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