Spirit Scene: Short and Bittersweet

What’s My Scene has partnered with the Butterfly Club to present you with a new cocktail each week, based on shows from their 2016-2017 Summer program.


  • 30 goslings black rum

  • 15 passoa (passionfruit liqueur)

  • 20 lime

  • 20 pineapple

  • 10 orgeat

  • 2 dashes of angostura bitters


  • Shake dump into tumbler

  • Garnish with cherry and mint

Short + Sweet

The biggest little play festival in the world is back, featuring a hand picked selection of new theatre and cabaret performances, each only 10 minutes in duration.

Over two weeks, some of Australia’s most gifted writers and directors bring their brand new works to the stage to compete for a spot in the Gala Final.

Short+Sweet is an international theatre festival that started in Australia and gives artists a showcase to present new work.


20th and 21st of December, 7pm:
A Good Deed For Mr Stinky
Transferring Kyle
The Bridge

20th & 21st of December, 8.30pm:
Life On Mars
The Hanging
Coup De Grace

22nd & 23rd of December 7pm:
Jesus Saves
Red Wire Blue Wire
A Simple Dance

22nd & 23rd of December, 8.30pm:
My Silly Love Songs
First Impressions
Welcome To The Freak Show
Lachlan Hamill

5th and 6th of January, 7pm:
Just A Girl
They Use Violence, We Use Force
Pressed Against Strangers
The Blind Date

5th and 6th of January, 8.30pm:
LuLu La Marr: Cabaret Star
A Very Smooth Cabaret
A Little Sleepless Cabaret
It’s Disney Bitch
Sam Floyd

7th of January, 7pm:
Theatre Semi Finals

7th of January: 8.30pm
Cabaret Semi Finals

8th of January, 7pm & 8.30pm: Gala Finals


Tuesday 20 December 20167:00pm
Tuesday 20 December 20168:30pm
Wednesday 21 December 20167:00pm
Wednesday 21 December 20168:30pm
Thursday 22 December 20167:00pm
Thursday 22 December 20168:30pm
Friday 23 December 20167:00pm
Friday 23 December 20168:30pm
Thursday 05 January 20177:00pm
Thursday 05 January 20178:30pm
Friday 06 January 20177:00pm
Friday 06 January 20178:30pm
Saturday 07 January 20177:00pm
Saturday 07 January 20178:30pm
Sunday 08 January 20177:00pm
Sunday 08 January 20178:30pm

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