Q&A Scene: I am Duckeye

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?
Its called “The 7 Year Tour“, in that we’ve been playing all over Australia for 7 years come September and the Tote has been nice enough to let us put on a mini-festival with 6 of our favourite bands (us making 7 bands). We’re also releasing a 7” single on the night as a lead up to our next album. We’re pretty amazing like that.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
[pullquote]We don’t really have a scene, we bounce around and play whatever.[/pullquote]A rotten egg. We’re able to fill a room.

Which song resonates most strongly and why?
The Riff, as its more of a performance than a song and Punching Dicks as its a repetitive chant that audiences have claimed as “The People’s Song“.

Any on the road anecdotes?
Where to start? We blew up a PA in Wollongong, the police shut us down in Bendigo, we played to 4 kids in a rural town and were paid $800 to do it, someone handed us a bag of ecstasy pills mid-song once (we don’t do drugs though, we play bad enough), a “buck” on his buck’s night broke our mic stand so we made him hold the mic for the last 2 songs, we played an acoustic gig and like the pied piper led the audience out of the band room and upstairs to another room to continue the gig, our bass player accidentally split a guys nose, blood everywhere and he said it was the greatest thing ever!

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Family, friends, our collective lives. Except Sean (drums) we know stuff all about his life. Ok, we know he likes cheap domestic beer and snores, that’s about it. He liked one of the Transformers movies once.

What’s next for you?
Album number 3. “Songs From The Gunt”. Record that and release it.

What’s your scene?
We don’t really have a scene, we bounce around and play whatever. We’re lucky in that respect. Coming from a comedy and party aspect, we “entertain” the crowd by delivering all the tropes of a live music experience, i.e. solos, singalongs, interaction, different music genres, crowd surfing, circle pits, costumes, rock moves and general vulgar, 18+ jokes and themes, but on a budget. We’ve been doing this for 7 years now, we know what we’re doing. Kinda.

About I am Duckeye

I am Duckeye are a furious DIY train-wreck that incorporates punk rock, metal and comedy. For 7 years I am Duckeye have been taking the piss by rocking harder than most at venues all over Australia. From capital cities to regional towns, from the dankest pubs to the glitziest nightclubs, from crowds of hundreds to four confused teenagers in rural Victoria. They’ve released 2 records, 2 EPs, numerous singles, a live DVD and every other bit of merchandise in between.

These 4 talented guys; Sam, Matt, Jules & Sean, have experienced it all and then gone back for seconds.

They’ve had hit songs, shit songs, controversy and litigation in both misinterpreted artwork and misheard lyrics, two successful Pozible campaigns and once saved a turtle from the side of the freeway.

I am Duckeye are:

Sam Haycroft: Guitar/Vocals
Matt Haycroft: Guitar/Vocals
Julian Medor: Bass/Vocals
Sean Bailey: Drums

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