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Tell us about your new single ‘All The People’?

“All The People” is one of those songs that came to me quickly as well as the arrangement and the sound which became obvious soon afterward. A year of experimentation and understanding what the song wanted from conception to the sound I created in the build-up to recording the song was essential.

Writing this song I often felt my consciousness rising on topics of the human consciousness and our place on earth in our time. It is also a very fun song to play and sing.

What was it like to work with all those amazing artists who performed on ‘Grace’?

I was three years younger than I am now. Looking back I am so overwhelmed with what I have achieved. Conducting and filtering the knowledge I had for  the songs into the musicians was a huge moment and a huge responsibility. Although I already had such a huge catalogue of knowledge and understanding of the music I was making. I felt so great and so comfortable. I could not have picked a better group of musicians and each one of them I felt read my mind and knew exactly what I wanted. Which is the real gift. They are the backbone of the music world. We all became very close and I treasure our relationships so very much.

There were so many highs during many of the songs and the duration of  recording my album ‘Grace’. I will remember such an incredible experience forever. I was very strict for the whole period of time and the duration of the  recording sessions because I knew what I had flown over to achieve and to achieve something great that only I knew how to bring to life.

It was one of the funnest, explorative and most fulfilling moments in my life thus far.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time? 

My work? A song titled “I Love You” from my debut album ‘Grace’ due out soon.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 

Fresh, Zesty, Tangy, Sweet, Explosive. Each song has its own world to live in and dream to and I have curated the album so it brings you on a journey of massive highs and openness, to then coming back to the self and becoming still and introspective again, to then opening back up again to the world so to speak. I would say each song reflects these tasty words and to start with “All The People” I would describe specifically as explosive, sweet and zesty.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

Wow. Where do I begin? I think one of the funniest moments and most poignant moments in the recording of my up and coming debut album ‘Grace’ was being in “Valentine Studios” (The Beach Boys, Dean Elliot, Quincy Jones) and knowing how into the music I was for a year or more on this album alone and for the first time actually having a breather and acknowledging what I had accomplished. As recording started to wind down I felt myself having more and more self awareness because when you are so into the music and want to get it exactly right, all of your self awareness can  sometimes go out of the window, especially if you are in flow with what you are doing creatively. We were recording strings that day and I just remember being in the goofiest, funniest mood watching the incredible “The String Quartet” lay strings down on two songs I had written ten years earlier called “I Love You” and “You Fade Away” which was a very emotional and surreal experience. As well as hilarious as I finally felt I could let my stricter persona down a bit to move forward onto the final stages of recording. Finally having some sort of bird’s eye or godly view of myself for the first time in a year or more. A huge moment for me.

What, or who, inspires you?

Classical music inspires me because it is sincere and purposeful and has so much detail and depth. I find it to be mysterious as well as open all at once. Nature inspires me hugely. I spend most of my time painting and creating. As well as being in the water and the ocean and on horseback and doing lots of gardening. Yoga, walking, dancing and Art mediums and Art throughout history inspires me greatly. Trees inspire me greatly and so do people and other animals.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

“Four Seasons” Antonio Vivaldi

What’s next for you?

I am currently writing a book that will comprise all of my lyrics, poetry, writings, sayings and stories I have written up until now in this point in my life. This book will be much of my heart and mind in a book. But also providing much mystery as many of my lyrics and poetry tends to be quite cryptic and offers a subjective point of view for the reader. The book will be about 2000 pages long and there will be three chapters being “Poems, Sayings and Stories” which is in fact the title of the book. “Poems, Sayings and Stories” will be published upon the release of my debut album ‘Grace’ and “All The People” Is one of the songs from the album ‘Grace’. The “All The People” lyrics will also be found in the book “Poems, Sayings and Stories”.

I am currently founding a non for profit environmental organisation called “The Grace Earth Organisation” which will allow for and open the conversation to new ways of living within our community whilst thinking appropriately, logically and in a future forward way about our impact on our environment and how we can best live in harmony with our home whilst still moving forward, innovating and adjusting as mankind. Like we have always done. It will be an information based organisation and will direct people to information that can help them move forward in life and in an environmentally friendly way without having to let go of their everyday creature comforts. I was raised and grew up my whole life surrounded by nature in all it’s natural forms. By the ocean and in the countryside. Enjoying locally grown food, and sharing this with the community is important to me. “The Grace Earth Organisation” will launch towards November/December of 2020.

What’s your scene?

My scene is either by myself with a guitar, book or easel. In nature or with the people I love the most.

All The People is out now. 


Boasting a rich musical pedigree, it’s no surprise that explosive newcomer Grace Farriss is sure to impress and set tongues wagging as she today shares her impressive debut single,
All The People, a funky fireball of a track with a powerful and timely message – to celebrate the interconnection between the diverse cultures that shape the world.

In a nutshell, Grace Farriss is a poet, singer, songwriter, composer, producer, painter, artist, author and environmentalist. Born into an artistic and musical family and the daughter of rock and roll royalty, Grace grew up in the United Kingdom and Australia, her parents Shelley Farriss, a lead theatre actor and yoga teacher and Andrew Farriss, a farmer and the main composer and songwriter for INXS.  Having played guitar for most of her life after being gifted a nylon string guitar from her parents for her twelth birthday, Farriss explains,I was always encouraged to play the piano and guitar growing up, we express a lot of music and art in our family and my Dad’s amazing writing style is genius and has inspired me beyond knowledge and so greatly.”

All The People was recorded and produced by Tony Buchen (The Preachers, Montaigne, G-Flip) in LA at his Lucy’s Meat Market Studio, and Valentine Recording Studios, and mastered by Leon Zervos (Amy Shark, P!nk, Maroon 5). It is a bold and soulful introduction to this exciting artist that oozes talent and fun with this effortlessly cool, 70s-inspired funky disco powerhouse track that is driven by crisp saxophones and gallant horns, balanced perfectly with a potently catchy, dreamy chorus – exceptional musicianship on full display here from the minute that drum beat, saxophone and bass groove hits.

All The People came about while I was thinking deeply about the larger and more worldly aspects of life,” Farriss explains. “The chord progression and rhythm of the song came first, very strongly, and then I put the melody and the lyrics over the top at the same time. I ended up singing the All The People lyrics unknowingly and the meaning became more obvious the more the song took life.” 

Inspired by the world’s cultural diversity, Farriss says, “This song is an explosion of my heart and I feel in many ways at this time, the worlds heart. I have always had such a deep fascination with how all of the world’s cultures united and came to be and how we all interact with one another and interconnect through our wonderful cultural differences. What I feel other cultures teach you is that we are all one and the same, which I feel music and the arts certainly accomplish to bring this awareness to us all so intimately and so beautifully, internally and in celebration with one another.”

Currently studying her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, Farriss is also an Ambassador for both the Jane Goodall Institute and SeaShepherd, and has founded her own environmental institute, The Grace Earth Organisation.  “I am an active advocate for the welfare of our earth and the environment we inhabit. I support environmental causes, as this is what feels most important to me,” insights Farriss. “I grew up with and have close relationships with Aboriginal people and Elders who have so much essential knowledge that have taught me a great deal about the land and world we live in, and I feel very fortunate to be a part of the movement towards us becoming more aware and conscious of our environment.”

Farriss is set to release her debut album Grace later this year, featuring performances from some of the world’s greatest musicians – The Section Quartet, Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley) on drums, Joey Waronker (Beck) on drums, Abe Rounds (Andrew Bird, Meshell Ndegeocello, Birds of Prey Score) on drums, Benji Lysaght (Adele, Father John Misty) on guitar, Ralph Carney (Tom Waits, Elvis Costello and the B-52’s) on saxophone, John Kirby (Solange) on keys, and Todd M. Simon (Angel City All-Star Brass Band) on horns.

And as if she’s not busy enough, Farriss is also set to publish her first book, Poetry, Sayings and Stories that is due to hit bookstores later this year.

All The People is out now. 


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