Q&A Scene: Australian Music Week Special ~ Nathan Seeckts

When did you first start playing music? I’ve been performing as a solo artist for the past decade, releasing 3 self-produced EP’s, touring Australia and North America and earlier this year releasing my debut LP The Heart Of The City. 

Which artist influenced your music?

I would have to say that Bruce Springsteen would be the biggest influence on the work that I do. His ability to create whole worlds and complex characters within his songs is second to none. Tom Waits would be a close second.

Tell us about your latest single/album/tour.

The latest single from the album is called Sirens. It deals with the issue of domestic violence within the home. I was recently selected by the team at the Queenscliff Music Festival to receive this year’s Emerging Artist Grant. I put a proposal forward to them to create a music video for the song to help foster further discussion around the issue, as well as raise money for a local Geelong children’s charity in the process. Looking at the fact that 55 women in Australia have been killed by a current or former partner this year alone and that 1 in 4 children are exposed to domestic violence tells me that we’ve got a serious problem in our country that needs to be addressed. 

What, or who, inspires you?

All of my work is inspired by the world around me. I’m constantly jotting down story ideas, phrases I’ve heard and observations from my day to day life. There’s a little piece of myself buried somewhere in each and every song I write. 

Which song do you wish you wrote? Why?

Out of the hundreds of songs that I could choose for this one, I’m going to have to go with Paul Kelly’s Deeper Water for a couple of reasons. For starters, every time I hear it, whether it’s live, on the stereo at home or driving in my car, the hairs on my arm stand on end and my eyes well up like nobody’s business. Then there’s his ability to tell this sprawling tale of growing up, falling in love, having a family, losing part of that family and then bringing it all around full circle by the end to mirror the start, which to me is just genius narrative storytelling. Finally, he does it all over the same three chords. It’s bloody amazing. 

What does Australian Music Week mean to you?

It’s a real honour to be recognised as an Australian artist worthy of showcasing their work to the greater musical community, particularly in 2019 when I believe that there are so many outstanding artists producing work around the country. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to build amazing, positive relationships with my peers and members of the public. For that, I’m extremely grateful.

When / where will you be performing?

I’ll be showcasing at Croydon Lane on Wednesday November 6th at 8:15pm.

What’s your scene?

My scene here in Geelong is amazing. There are so many talented, hardworking musicians down here at the moment. Acts like The Kite Machine, Rach Brennan, Social Haunts, Jelly Mammoth, Famous Will, Hold/Fire and 10 High Fly are producing truly world class music. We’ve got a really good thing going on down here, where we head out to support each other and genuinely want to see each other succeed. We’re very lucky.

Catch Nathan Seeckts at AMW and around town: 

Nov 3 – Tramway Hotel, Fitzroy VIC
Nov 6 – Australian Music Week, Cronulla NSW
Nov 7 – Sly Fox, Enmore NSW w/ Lachlan Bryan, Ben Mastwyk & Katie Brianna

Nov 16 – Merri Creek Tavern, Northcote VIC
Nov 23 – Queenscliff Music Festival, VIC
Nov 24 – Queenscliff Music Festival, VIC
Nov 30 – The Lost Ones, Ballarat, VIC

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