Q&A Scene: Aquila Young

Tell us about your new single ?

The new tune is called ‘Crimson Criminal’. It’s about the game of fatal attraction and how the heart responds to desire and rejection. What begins as an initial spark of conversation leads to temptation and finally into intoxicated destruction. It’s a page to the anthology of unrequited love… the crimson corruption.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time? 

Crimson Criminal is my favourite work currently. It’s the most recent recording I’ve been working on so is still quite present in my mind. I also really enjoy the lushness factor of it which is pretty important in my books. I conquered a lot of demons with this song in the studio so it feels like one of my greater achievements to date.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

Whilst recording ‘Vagabond’ from my debut EP I invited a bunch of friends to come in to feature on the song. We were recording miscellaneous crowd noises to replicate the idea of sounds of the wilderness. There were about 12 to 15 people who all came in and we all made unscripted noises, most of which were hilarious and saved on camera. I recall hearing tribal shouts, jungle cats and most importantly Chewbacca. I believe Chewbacca even made it into the final mix.

What, or who, inspires you?

The multitude of perspective that exists in ordinary, everyday things. It’s interesting how people are all different through various cultural and biological factors and yet we all have the same needs and desires. A shift of perspective can change an entire course of action to the one who becomes transformed by an idea. You can view the same cloud through a number of different sets of eyes and each time see something different. That’s the power of perspective.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

‘Magic Chords’ by Sharon Van Etten. I find the melody and the music deeply moving and her performance has me internally wrecked. There’s so much space in the song and when I listen, it simply speaks volumes.

What’s next for you?

I have another song which will be coming out in a couple of months that I’m also very excited about. It’s a lot more rock n roll and is extremely fun to play live. No doubt also a tour of sorts to come. Which one will happen first, I’m not too sure.

What’s your scene?

An overcast sky with storm clouds brooding. The heavier the rain the better. The colder, the more fierce, the better. The cold and the wet weather seems to bring me a sense of freshness and clarity and an invigorated sense of mind. It’s peace and it’s purpose all in one. I could operate in this 365 days a year.

A fleeting moment, a fleeting high. From conversation to temptation. From temptation to intoxication. Crimson Criminal is the intoxicating new song from AQUILA YOUNG. It’s smooth and spine-tingling, infusing deep washes of synths into lucid dreaming. With the tension of seduction and the chase of desire, Crimson Criminal brings a new twist with an evocative notoriety. It’s a delicate cry of vulnerability and a vulnerable plea towards the unrequited love, torn in corrupted game, dancing between danger and desire. Last year the songstress made waves with debut EP Distance Echoes, gaining airplay from Triple J as well as US and UK radio. Her debut single Vagabond gathered substantial following and landed placement in Spotify’s official playlisting. [pullquote]SPEAKER TV: “Bold and fresh attitude”
DOM ALESSIO, TRIPLE J: “One to keep an eye on”
MIXDOWN MAGAZINE: “The air of a tormented artist and an arena rock gaze… She’s got a powerful set of lungs too, which promises to make her live performances of note.”
HUSH HUSH BIZ: “Aquila moves as if her music is coursing through her veins”[/pullquote] 
Following on from a successful year Aquila Young has been establishing a local following captivating live audiences with her alluring presence and electric energy. She shared stages with the likes of Boo Seeka, MT Warning and Airling alongside boutique festival appearances including Bleach, GLOW and 2High. With electrical performances capturing onlookers both locally and nationally, and an increasing support and following for the artist, she followed on to a highly coveted live showcase at this year’s Bigsound Live.

 A brazen world of isolated mystique and curiosity surrounds the artist known as AQUILA YOUNG. Her influence exudes a warmth and charisma that is both fearless and fearsome. An unwavering charm artfully provoking the senses: igniting the flame, playing with fire.

Crimson Criminal is available now on iTunes and all other digital outlets.  


NOV 25-26 | Jungle Love Festival | Sunshine Coast  

DEC 31 | NightQuarter | Gold Coast    

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