Cruisin Country 2022

Snap Scene: Mick Buckley’s Piano Show, Supercruise 2022, 9-15th Nov 2022 by Mandy Hall

The multi-talented Mick Buckley first found fame as the rockin’ drummer for “The Radiators”, then, went back to his childhood roots & became a rockin’, swingin’, boogie woogie Piano Man playing retro & modern feel good classics, allways with a unique twist, plus, with his own charting hit songs and his ability to adapt to any situation and audience, he became one of Sydney’s most popular Piano Men. […]

Rock the Boat 2022

Snap Scene: Adam Thompson’s Bohemian Rhapsody, Supercruise 2022, 9-15th Nov 2022 by Mandy Hall

When it comes to engimatic front men, there are few that embody the power and passion quite like Chocolate Starfish’s Adam Thompson. He owns the stage, channels the music, and has audiences eating out the palm of his hand. So it is no surprise that when it came to picking his next great project, Adam chose to showcase the music of his hero Freddie Mercury and Queen in Bohemian Rhapsody the blockbuster movie soundtrack, live in concert. […]