Scene News: White Polar Bears in “Orange County”

June 26, 2019 Scene News

The lyrics that make up “Orange County” are a mix of field notes written during a vacation in Florida, and ideas that came as a consequence of turning 30-years-old – wanting simplicity, but realizing that you sowed intricacies all throughout your 20s. We composed the music by trying to picture ourselves on a trip where the sun is always shining. […]

Q&A Scene: Kyle Falconer

June 25, 2019 Mary Boukouvalas

Tell us about your Release ‘No Thank You’ and your upcoming tour of Australia ?   Just been working off the back of the album, it just won Best Scottish Album at SSE awards, so […]

Scene News:Youthfire shares intimate and powerful new video for ‘Nice Boys’

June 25, 2019 Scene News

Off the back of their recent release, ‘Nice Boys’, indie producer, Youthfire is excited to release its visual component. Stephen Carmichael, the brainchild behind the Melbourne project has previously garnered adoration with songs ‘Emerging’, Puppet, ‘Lift Me Up’, and now latest single ‘Nice Boys’ is proving to be no exception. Working with directors Jack Meddings and Kenny Doan, the ‘Nice Boys’ video exhibits the same intensity and intimacy of Youthfire’s stellar songwriting. […]

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