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Tell us about your involvement in the RockStar Florists competition as a judge?
As one of the Judges I get the Wonderful (& amazingly hard) job of picking 9 of the top 27 finalists from the many hundreds of florists from all over Australia who enter.

Then it’s over to our Facebook community to vote for their favourites & decide who will be the next “Rockstar” florist!! The talent is amazing!!

There where so sooo soooo (Did I say ‘so’?) many gorgeous creations and super talented designers to choose from.

But honestly who could ask for a better way to start the day. Sitting here, Coffee in hand, overlooking my little chickens roaming in the paddocks, whilst going through an abundance of gorgeous floral creations from Australia’s best Designers.

My only problem, if you can even call it a problem? was…
Do I choose some one who is obviously ridiculously talented & has access to all the ‘bells and whistles’ that come along with that talent,. Or Do I choose someone whose passion is oozing from their design, but may not have access to fancy photographers or fabulous styling teams? Or do I choose a newbie, someone who is fresh and brilliant and maybe, just maybe wining this competition will give them the inspiration to do what it takes to be one of Australia’s next great floral designers!

Oh the woe of it all.

So what I choose to do is mix it up, choosing flowers that simply make me smile through to the moving & emotional imagery. Each and every piece being Beautiful and created by a talented Floral Designer.

How would you describe your approach to floristry in food form and why?
Oh my, I would say most definitely decadent and over the top, like a luxurious desert buffet filled to the brim with fanciful treats, Or a visit to Willy wonkas, the whole she-bang of over the top fantasy filled treats.

What are your best memories as a florist?
I honestly couldn’t choose. It would be like choosing a favourite child. I LOVE my brides, tailoring florals to transform spaces and embody the emotion of the day and representing them to their guests, but then OMG I totally enjoy the freedom of creating my avante grade pieces – fantasy designs that take people from the everyday to a world of romance and art combined. Whipping up something for a media campaign that will catch an audiences eye and inspire them. Then theres matching florals tones to fashion campaigns to give it that extra edge. Or creating something wildy wonderful and over the top to dazzle audiences on the Runways.

I could go on….and on. they are all my favourite moments.

I am one of those lucky people who just LOVES what they do.

Tell us a little about your daily routine in the studio etc….
Well well its depends on what day it is?

For instance yesterday I was up at 3am and off to the flower markets, coming back to bleach vases and unpack flowers, working late into the night creating florals for this weekends events and I will get up and do it all again today minus the markets, todays flowers are being delivered, yay!! So That means I get to sleep in till 5am.

Where as the day before I spent the whole day discussing absolutely exquisite floral design specs with clients, painting pictures of granduer, playing with inspiring color palettes.

Other days can be spent chained to emails and office work and others can be spent on location creating florals for Photoshoots, gorgeous locations filled with masses of flowers and a LOT of hard work, changing sets, making sure every details is perfect, running from 5am till 7pm most of the time.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Well my number one influence plan & simple is Mother Nature, honestly who does it better. I love my designs to be be raw and natural, even when they are tailored and clean I still work with the flowers and their natural movement.

And I am also a lover of the great Arts, Old paintings that embody a romance, the smell of Books and Theatre, inspire me to create.

Music is always key to my creation in the studio, when I am overworked and slightly broken I put on one of my favourite artist and get inspired for that final push through.

Lastly Color! Oh I just love love love color, palettes inspire to create moods and stories within my florals.

Which song do you wish you wrote?
Haha its depends which mood I am in, that answer could change dramatically.

What’s your scene?
Relaxing on my farm with my little animals. I lay a blanket in the yard/paddock, my partner plays acoustic guitar whilst I read a book & watch the chickens roam.

I would love to quote a recent article, as I think she described my scene perfectly

“If she wasn’t a floral designer, Julia Rose would be saving abandoned animals and nurturing them at her rustic little farm near Byron Bay. It’s a complete contrast to the high society world of opulent floral designs where her work is celebrated for its theatrical fancy, Hollywood extravagance and touch of magic.”
Ruth Magazine

About Julia-Rose

julia-rose-floristry-72-dpiJulia-Rose is the epitome of artistry and glamour when it comes to her floral arrangements. She has built her reputation on her jaw-dropping design and dedication to perfection, for all who have hired her; be it the fashion and media industry requesting her to sprinkle her magic on bouquets and floral hair arrangements for their runway extravaganzas and fashion shoots; to the avant-garde media campaigns she has been appointed to for appreciation of her je nais se quoi; and the multitudes of brides who entrusted her to leave lasting impressions with her stylish impeccable eye for floral design, she has been consistently impressive.

Given Julia-Rose was amongst the top 10 finalists in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Tesselaar Top Gun Florist competition, and also came in second place in the 2014 ‘Flowers To Decorate’ category, it makes perfect sense that the much sought after florist will join two other expert leaders in the flower industry field to judge the 2016 Tesselaar RockStar Florists competition running until the end of October. Joining Julia-Rose will be Melanie Stapleton from Cecilia Fox and Holly Hipwell from Flower Drum/Badass Club, all adding the essential showbiz razzle dazzle to the competition. The three industry superstars are bona-fide Australian RockStar Florists themselves who will help select the finalists plus the ultimate winners. They will also then offer their valuable time and expertise to train up the lucky winners.

In the rock and roll world, Julia-Rose would be the Burt Bacharach of the floral world. In the same way Burt was hired to collaborate with his musical cohorts to weave pure musical magic, Julia-Rose has the same approach to the mastery she applies in her floral studio. She is renowned for listening to her clients needs and working hard to ensure their satisfaction is met, yet all the while she goes far beyond and manages to hit it out of the ball park each and every time just like Burt.

It’s wonderful to see former finalist, now judge, be able to solidify other aspiring florist RockStars careers as she joins the others to choose the category winners of the Tesselaar’s RockStar Florists competition.
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