Star Scene: Cory Putman

February 17, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

Article by Mary Boukouvalas Cory Putman of Norma Jean’s scene involves his family, his friends, his home. Putman, along with his band members from the almighty, hardcore legends Norma Jean, is returning to Australian shores […]

Star Scene: Stan Lee

February 3, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

Interview by Mary Boukouvalas Stan Lee, of LA’s legendary original bubblegum pop-punk veterans The Dickies, says his scene “used to be sex, drugs and rock n roll; now I walk my dogs”. Formed in San […]

Star Scene: Mike Edwards

January 27, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

Interview by Mary Boukouvalas Mike Edwards of Jesus Jones enjoys a frenzied scene, involving music and racing mountain and road bikes. Luckily Edwards, and the whole band, loves to tour. “Between cycling and music there […]

Star Scene: Greg Puciato

January 26, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

Interview by Mary Boukouvalas It’s not surprising that Greg Puciato’s scene is either a “punk-hardcore scene or an underground, minimal electronic, something grungy – where everyone is wearing black”. What is surprising however is Puciato’s […]

Star Scene: James Reyne

January 25, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

Interview by Mary Boukouvalas James Reyne, ex-frontman of Australian Crawl and soloist in his own right, has a more mellow scene he currently enjoys: sitting in the sun with a good book. A huge contrast […]

Star Scene: Dan King

January 8, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

Article by Mary Boukouvalas DRIFTER’s singer/guitarist Dan King is “just thankful for being a part of a strong Melbourne and Australian music scene“. King was influenced greatly by seeing bands live. “Bands like Cosmic Psychos, The […]

Star Scene: Andreas Bergh

January 2, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

Deathstars’ Soundwave Scene Interview by Mary Boukouvalas Despite his industrial metal ‘Whiplasher Bernadotte’ persona on stage, Deathstars’ singer Andreas Bergh prefers a rock-art scene. Now residing in Italy, Bergh enjoys the art and history of […]

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