Star Scene: Zakk Wylde

November 10, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

Zakk Wylde’s scene is complete. Wylde states: “I just dig doing what I do everyday, and that’s black label, 25/8, 366 days a year. Yeah, without a doubt.” Whereas others may dedicate 24 hours per day, […]

Star Scene: Frankie Poullain

November 6, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

The Darkness’ Frankie Poullain’s scene is cultured. The Darkness’ bassist states that his scene is: “tennis, amateur philosopher, French cinema, as I am half French, and I guess I like adventure tourism because I used […]

Star Scene: John Flansburgh

November 2, 2015 Mandy Hall

John Flansburgh‘s scene is driving. “These days I find driving is extremely relaxing, which is just emblematic of how little actual real relaxation I actually get. We’ve been working extremely hard so I’ve kind of […]

Star Scene: Russell Morris

October 30, 2015 Mandy Hall

Russell Morris‘ scene is, according to him, “incredibly boring”. He explains “I drive people nuts if they come around and happen to ask me the wrong questions. When it comes to my obsession I love anything to […]

Star Scene: Trevor McNevan

October 22, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

Trevor McNevan’s scene is: “music that moves [him]”. McNevan, singer and founder of Thousand Foot Krutch, has eclectic taste in music, ranging from classic rock to hip-hop. McNevan credits his diverse taste to his upbringing. […]

Star Scene: John Sankey

October 15, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

John Sankey’s scene is music. The drummer of Devil You Know states, “Music is my scene that’s it, that’s all I do. There’s nothing else. When I get some down time, cricket and footy, hanging […]

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