Star Scene: Justin Sane

September 2, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

Article by Mary Boukouvalas Justin Sane’s scene today is the same as it was a few months ago: the punk rock world. Though he did have a bit of a mishap in his world recently. He […]

Star Scene: Josh Todd

September 1, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

Article by Mary Boukouvalas Josh Todd’s scene is simply his family and his band. “That’s pretty much my scene,” the lead singer of Buckcherry states. “I’m a workaholic. I love Buckcherry and I love everything […]

Star Scene: Lisa Kekaula

August 11, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

Lisa Kekaula’s scene would be one where “Charles Mingus would hang out with George Clinton and maybe with Exene and John Doe, so you get the idea that these people could talk about music and […]

Star Scene: Lindsay Schoolcraft

July 10, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

Article by Mary Boukouvalas Lindsay Schoolcraft’s scene is simple. “I do what I want,” she states categorically. I stole that from Cartman in Southpark. That is my thing. Everyone knows me by that. I do […]

Star Scene: Dale Stewart

June 29, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

Aside from making and playing music in the multi-platinum alt-rock band SEETHER, Dale Stewart’s first love is “going fast, whether it’s motorcycles or cars, sports cars, race bikes. I suppose that is my other passion, […]

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