Gig Scene: Cherry Rock, ACDC Lane Melbourne – May 10th 2015 – part 1 of 3

The 9th annual Cherry Rock music festival was a blast. The crowds were down a little due to Melbourne’s appalling weather, so it was actually possible to move between stages and to get to the drink and ‘merch’ tables. There was enough food left to be able to choose between this fried meal and that too, but the usual festival queue to the Cherry Bar’s smelly toilets was evident so loo stops took some planning.

Media personnel were stationed in the back bar for the day, and apart from having to leave to watch the bands or to visit the aromatic ‘lavs’, were spared the competition to achieve a modicum of personal space, or in this case, interview space.

Part 2 and 3 up soon…

Words by Sharon Brookes, photos by Mary Boukouvalas.

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