Snap Scene: Supersense, Arts Centre, Melbourne. 18th August 2017

Supersense is devoted to exploring the many planes of perspectives of ecstatic experience. How do we achieve and seek out ecstatic states of being in a diverse and contemporary society? The ways we seek out transcendence speak to a collective instinct for precious encounters that take us into a place of revelation and transcendence – towards the ecstatic. The means through which we do this – through punk, devotional music, free improvisation, dance, movement and extremity – are what Supersense is all about, seeking out experiences of ecstatic wonder.

Supersense is a space for these contexts to be explored and above all enjoyed, perhaps giving rise to new planes of the ecstatic.

Sophia Brous, Musician, Curator And Co-Founder, Supersense

Among the sights we saw on opening night were: harpist Zeena Parsons, Cleek Schrey: Mountain Verses, Memory Field: Waangenga Blanco & Laurence Pike, The Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Barchir Attar & Ande Somby: The Master Yoiker

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