Snap Scene: Ron Keel, The Croxton, Melbourne 7th March 2020

American heavy metal vocalist and guitarist Ron Keel played The Croxton in Melbourne on Saturday 7 March 2020, as part of MelodicRock Fest. He moved from Tennessee to Los Angeles with his band Steeler in the early ’80s. When their guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen departed following the release of their self-titled debut album, Ron Keel went on to achieve success with his own hard rock band, simply called Keel. From 1984 to 1989, Keel toured the world and sold 2 million records, even having Kiss legend Gene Simmons produce two of their albums.

His autobiography Even Keel was published in 2014, when he also released his solo album Metal Cowboy. The 58-year-old’s most recent release is Fight Like a Band, released last year. Performing with Ron Keel was his guitarist Dave “DC” Cothern, plus members of the band White Widdow.

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