Snap Scene: Painters and Dockers – Twin Towns, Gold Coast, 13th January 2023 by David Pace

Painters and Dockers - Twin Towns, Gold Coast 13th Jan 2023 by David Pace

As a photographer, I love nothing more than photographing bands. However when you play in a band yourself, it can become frustrating in that the time on stage takes you away from photographing your own band. This weekend, my band, The Painters and Dockers, performed with the legendary Sunnyboys. I was keen to photograph The Sunnyboys so packed my camera gear. I took the opportunity to photograph my band mates, some of which I have co-performed with for 40 years, during our sound check for the very first time.

The Painters and Dockers are a unique outfit and we pride ourselves on making ‘everyone’ part of the band. Here are some images of the legendary Paulie Stewart, father and son guitarists, Michael and Colin Badger, ex Paul Kelly and the Messengers drummer, Michael Barclay, young bass player, Dali Platt, brassholes Sonja Parkinson and Mick Morris and finally our ever reliable stage manager, Robert Taylor. Note the Sunnyboys ring in, Richard Burgman with Paulie Stewart and Michael Barclay. Dock on!