Snap Scene: Mental As Anything – Meredith Music Festival, 8th Dec 2018

Still soundtracking fun, forty years on.

The Nips Are Getting Bigger, Live It Up, Too Many Times, If You Leave Me Can I Come Too, Concrete And Clay, Mr Natural, Working For The Man, Romeo and Juliet, You’re So Strong, Berzerk Warriors…

Greedy Smith and Martin Plaza have been writing songs, trying to outdo each for four decades. The results have been some national, and international, treasures.

Hey there you with the sad face
Come up to my place
And live it up

tarted out, just drinking beer

The classic lineup had their first gig the day Elvis died. Their new wave pop rock good times sound has been part of Australian culture ever since. They’re here for the party.

Woh-hoh-oh, the nips are gettin’ bigger
Woh-yeah, the nips are gettin’ bigger

Martin is currently off the road due to ill health (we wish him all the very best) but Greedy and he are still creating new songs with that Mentality.

You beside the dance floor
What do you cry for, let’s live it up

Saturday afternoon Mentals.

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