Snap Scene: Bjorn Again, The Tote 11th May 2019

The famous tribute band has achieved international stardom in its own right; it has an uncanny ABBA stage presence and sound, mixed with fun “Swenglish” banter, stage antics between the four performers and fellow musicians, and spot on style.

Fully endorsed by the members of ABBA, Björn Again is the brain child of John Tyrrell and has come a long way since its first show at Collingwood’s Tote Hotel and has gone on to become the most successful tribute band of all time.

Björn Again are much more than a parody tribute act, they are trailblazers of the music scene. Grunge legends Nirvana are among their biggest fans; the late Kurt Cobain was instrumental in getting the group on the bill at Glastonbury Festival In 1992; and Dave Grohl once bought out everything on a Björn Again merchandising stand.

Catch them this Friday 17th May at Hamer Hall.

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