Gig Scene: The Down Unda Tour – Uriah Heep & The Eternal, Chelsea Heights Hotel, 22nd March 2015

Sunday eve and all is quiet on the streets of the outer suburbs, but inside the Chelsea Heights hotel it’s a different matter. Local Melbourne dark rockers The Eternal are doing a sterling job of rousing the punters, riffs reverberating throughout the room.

Boasting over 40 million in album sales and pioneers in progressive, hard rock, seminal act Uriah Heep, take the stage hostage and own it. Core and founding member Mick Box is churning out riffs and trademark wah wah sounds to hypnotic effect, whilst his renowned hand flourishes enhance the wonder of his playing. Punters look on in awe, fists raised, kowtowing to their master. Show man Bernie Shaw tells us they’ll be playing half of the new album, Outsider tonight, if it’s OK. True to his words Uriah Heep open with new single “Speed of Sound,” follow with “The Law” and “The Outsider” transfixing the crowd from the get-go.

Shaw’s antics and vocal power add to the spectacle of a real rock show from seasoned rock legends. Drummer Russell Gilbrook and bassist Davey Rimmer are keeping things heavy with their gargantuan bottom end, whilst keyboardist Phil Lanzon’s organ arpeggio is true to the trademark Uriah Heep sound. One could be forgiven for thinking that they are at a stadium concert, such is the force of the band emanating from the stage.  The newer material is well received, however its the older signature tunes that draw the loudest cheers from the crowd. Classic acoustic ballad “Lady in Black” inspires a sing a long and of course Uriah Heep end on a high note with hard rock trademark hits “Gypsy and “Easy Livin’” for the encore.

Uriah Heep put on an energy packed, riff laden, entertaining, sentimental rock journey for the young and the young at heart, out rocking and out classing their younger contemporaries. Bet the young Rolling Stone’s journalist who said she promised to commit suicide “if the band makes it” is eating her words now.

By Anna-Maria Megalogenis, photos by Mary Boukouvalas.


Set List

1. Speed of Sound
2. The Hanging Tree
3. The Law
4. The Outsider
5. Sunrise
6. Stealin’
7. The Magician’s Birthday
8. What Kind of God
9. One Minute
10. Can’t Take that Away
11. July Morning
12. Lady in Black


13. Gypsy
14. Easy Livin’

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