Gig Scene: Steve Poltz, Flying Saucer Club 12th March 2015

If you’ve seen Steve Poltz perform a few times, you may get to know the words of a few songs, and you may get the chance to sing along. One thing you will never get though is bored. Poltz is one of the few performers who never really knows what he will play until he gets on stage and begins his stream of consciousness performance.

We could wax lyrical here about his multitude of talents and his long and distinguished career with The Rugburns. We could sing his praises regarding his ability with a guitar, his improvised lyrics, his humour and his incisive ability to pick up vibes from the audience and sing to them. It’s all been written about before, though that doesn’t mean Poltz deserves the kudos any less.

What is little recognised perhaps, is that an evening with Steve Poltz feels like you’re part of a sing-along around the campfire or in a comfortable parlour of a long-time friend. Poltz’s humility, his zest for life, ability to appreciate the simple things and his love of people convey a humanity, which can be accessed through lyrics and music.

With every right to develop a ‘rock star’ attitude, Poltz has stayed grounded enough to observe how people live, love, interact and play. His songs reflect images of the everyday…a sewing machine here and a love affair there.

This gig at the Flying Saucer Club was sold out and the vibrancy was uplifting. Poltz made his usual connection with the punters. Some were fortunate enough to be invited onstage and we all got to sing along. We were allowed an insight into his personal struggles with his health, the loving relationship with his parents, the generosity of his friends. Graciously he bade each and every one of us farewell as we left the venue. He had time for a word, a photograph or autograph and, as tired as he was, Poltz showed the interest of a child in each and every fan.

Steve Poltz genuinely loves what he does and that is a rare commodity in a world that is never satisfied with the status quo no matter how good it is. We almost can’t wait to hear his next round of stories from the many and varied experiences he collects from around the world, and which he ingeniously incorporates into his brand of folk song.

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