Vintage Guitar Scene: 1960 Gibson Les Paul Junior Cherry Red

1960 Gibson Les Paul Junior Cherry Red (Serial No. 0 7051)

I’d always liked the idea of these guitars – simple one pickup Rock ‘N Roll guitars from Gibson’s golden period of guitar making.

Living in Perth, Western Australia, in the 1980s these guitars were scarce. A friend brought this early 1960 example back from the U.S. I had a play and loved it and said “if you ever want to sell it I’m your buyer”. A year or so later I got the call and have had this guitar since circa 1989.

It has a great sounding P90 pickup. It can be heard on The Atlantics song “Tube Screamer”.

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Martin is an Australian guitarist and vintage guitar collector. Apart from his solo work he is a member of The Atlantics, Dave Warner’s From the Suburbs and is currently guitarist in Mental As Anything.